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gta san andreas net without mods download torrent For PC

gta san andreas net without mods download torrent

Size: 3.98 GB | Seeds: 871 Lychees: 52

We are glad to present you the video game GTA San Andreas clean without mods, which is the original of the famous and beloved series, download via torrent to remember the forgotten sensations. All sorts of additions were not added to this work, so you will be lucky to find out how it all began in the hero’s story. This time you will have a chance to assemble a powerful team of notorious criminals and mafiosi. You will be in the already well-known state of America. And already other criminalized cities will be available to you during the passage of the following levels. Your newfound black friend will have to learn all aspects of life and plunge into the new world with his head.

Story line

Your pumped-up testosterone carrier will create a personal well-trained squad of bandits who will clash with influential personalities and those who are dishonest. You will fight for the tidbits of the metropolis, and in addition, protect the physical condition of the main character. Having a more luxurious muscle mass can scare you and set you apart from your opponents. You will recruit fearless warriors into a group or try on the role of a boss if you overcome some of the missions presented.

Game process

The authors gave us the opportunity to put together our group and cut off a vast piece of territory from other scumbags. During the passage, you will recognize other characters, and going into cafes located in close proximity to the road, you will meet your alleged colleagues in the game. Pump your ward, but do not be too zealous in this matter, otherwise it is likely that he will swim in fat and be too slow. Do not allow this in GTA San Andreas clean without mods, otherwise others will benefit, download via torrent to keep up to date. At the very beginning, you will be cycling, but after a while other options will be available to you. You will be amazed by the updated locations and absolutely unique missions. Your task will be to do everything that is required of you. The creators did their best, and everything looks as plausible as possible, and even cars corrode and become covered with a layer of dirt over time. They also require timely repairs. Each site is well designed. This time you will come across huge buildings, tending to the sky, while driving through the neighborhood, perform additional tasks.

Distinctive features of GTA San Andreas clean without mods

  • Ways of movement. Having a bike is good, a fast car is even better, and sailing on a boat is the height of bliss. Use scooters, squares and do not neglect theft.
  • Face gangs. You will need to quietly join the group, find out the necessary information about their leader, and then try to pull power over yourself. This will give you another experience and upgrade the hero.
  • Buy a house for yourself. As soon as you accumulate the necessary amount, you can purchase luxury apartments. Your missions will be highlighted on the map.
  • Huge world. You will be not only in the urban jungle, but also in the countryside, enjoy the green valleys.
  • Crime syndicates. If there is a desire, join more prepared and developed clans. However, be on the lookout, because you can be deceived.
  • Find your relatives. The creators want you to find your relatives and take revenge on your enemies. In any case, in GTA San Andreas you will not get bored without mods, download it via torrent to make sure.

System requirements

  • Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 16 speed DVD drive
  • 4.7 GB free hard disk space
  • Video card with 256 MB or more of video memory compatible with DirectX version 9.0
  • Sound card compatible with DirectX version 9.0
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse


gta san andreas net without mods download torrent
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