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If you want to complete Little Nightmares 2 100%, you must definitely collect all the hats in the game. All of them will be needed as they unlock some achievements/trophies.

Other than that, they look pretty cool and interesting. In total, 12 hats are available in the game, and they will all be found during the passage of the storyline. Most can be obtained by solving small puzzles or exploring certain areas.

Therefore, in order to facilitate this process, we bring to your attention a detailed guide in which we will tell you where to find all the hats in Little Nightmares 2.

Chapter 1

  • raccoon hat: located in the Hunter’s house. Exit the kitchen and go to the corridor and then to the room on the left side – the headdress is on the rug.
  • Nome’s cap: yes, these are the same nomes from the first part of Little Nightmares! The headdress can be obtained by completing the additional quest “Nome’s Attic”, available in the Collector’s Edition.
  • yellow hood: After escaping from the Hunter, you will need to jump over the broken bridge. There you will notice several cells. Climb onto one of them and jump – it will not withstand the load and break, where you will find the last headgear in this chapter.

Chapter 2

Little Nightmares 2: Chapter 2

  • torn ball: Once on the playground, pay attention to the garbage container. Approach the door and jump into it to pick up the hat.
  • Tin: located in the library. After entering the location, you will see a ladder that can be moved. Move it one shelf to the right, and then go upstairs – that’s where the trophy is waiting for you.

Chapter 3

Little Nightmares 2: Chapter 3

  • teddy bear head: right after the x-ray room you will find yourself in the children’s room. In the far right corner of the room, you will see a stool that will help you climb on top of the closet. There you will find a plush head.
  • bandage bandage: after the first meeting with the doctor, you will find yourself in the morgue. Pay attention to the freezer located to the left of the table. Open the lower door, where you will find a bandage bandage.

Chapter 4

Little Nightmares 2: Chapter 4

  • Cap: Once you get the TV remote, turn on the nearest TV and use it as a teleporter. Move to the right and jump into the hole. If you look closely, you can see a hidden vent on the left, where the cap is located.
  • Cap: As you progress through the chapter, you will find yourself in a shop with a cart. Move it to the left, closer to the window, and climb up. There you will find a cap.

Chapter 5

  • Hat: reward for completing the game.

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