Guide Spider-Man: Miles Morales – how to open all costumes

Miles Morales is a pretty stylish Spider-Man. That’s because in the new PS5 exclusive called Spider-Man: Miles Morales, players have 19 costumes to choose from, which can be unlocked in a variety of ways: some are unlocked automatically as you level up, while others are unlocked only after performing some actions. In addition, the game has certain modifications that can be applied to certain equipment.

Note that the diversity is really surprising. For example, there are costumes reminiscent of the image of Miles from an alternative universe, as well as an outfit from the cartoon “Through the universes.” So let’s take a look at them all!

Sport suit

  • How to unlock: Available from the very beginning of the game by default.
  • Modification: not available.

Great responsibility

  • How to unlock: Complete the “Parting Gift” mission at the very beginning of the story campaign.
  • Modification: not available.

Homemade suit

  • How to unlock: unlocked at level 5.
  • Modification: Power Throw – Increases damage from item throws.

Suit “T.R.E.K”

  • How to unlock: upon reaching level 6.
  • Modification: Elusiveness – Reduces damage taken from shots by 25%.

Animated suit

  • How to unlock: unlocked at level 7.
  • Modification: Fortified Web – Enemies take longer to break webs.

Brooklyn Visions student costume

  • How to unlock: unlocked at level 8; can be purchased after completing the “Time to Rally” mission.
  • Modification: Stunt Master – Gain additional bio-strength when performing aerial acrobatic stunts.

scarlet hood

  • How to unlock: unlocked at level 9.
  • Modification: Spectral Strike – When knocked out with a web strike, enemies do not hear any sounds while camouflage is active.

Suit “E.K.S.T.R.I.M.”

  • How to unlock: unlocked at level 10.
  • Modification: Bioboost – Bioforce regeneration rate increases as health decreases.

Last day

  • How to unlock: unlocked at level 11.
  • Modification: Full concentration – slowing down the energy consumption of camouflage while maintaining immobility.

Miles Morales 2099

  • How to unlock: unlocked at level 12.
  • Modification: Biostability – reducing the effect of suppressing the biopower of Roxon. Applying camouflage allows you to instantly get rid of Roxxon bolas.

Through universes

  • How to unlock: Unlocked at level 13.
  • Modification: bam! Piu! Slap! – allows you to visualize the sounds of attacks as they would look in another world.

Classic suit

  • How to unlock: Complete the “Time to Rally” mission at the start of the game.
  • Modification: Deafening Bang – When destroyed, Underground weapons emit force waves that stun enemies.

Pride and Equality

  • How to unlock: end all mobile app events.
  • Modification: not available.

Winter suit

  • How to unlock: Complete all mobile app quests and then the Harlem side quest chain.
  • Modification: not available.

Miles Morales 2020

  • How to unlock: Complete all Practice Challenges and the side mission “The Final Challenge”.
  • Modification: not available.

Programmable Matter Suit

  • How to unlock: clear all the bases of the Underground and the laboratories of the Roxxon, and also complete the side quest The X-Files.
  • Modification: not available.

dark purple

  • How to unlock: collect all sound collectibles and visit the Rogue’s lair in a side quest.
  • Modification: Collecting Trophies – Silently knocking out an enemy in melee combat will grant you 1 Gadget Ammo.

Costume with a cat

  • How to unlock: Complete the “Cat’s Clothes” side quest after completing the story campaign. A cat named Spiderman will finish off your enemies.
  • Modification: no.

Spider Training Suit

  • How to unlock: start a new game +.
  • Suit Modifier: Energy Conversion – when the camouflage is turned off prematurely, part of its unspent energy is converted into bio-power.

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