Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – General Beginner Tips

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Welcome to the Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide where you will find a lot of information related to the various elements of the game. The new version of Harry Potter is a mobile game for Android and iOS.

You play as a wizard who is given various tasks. Starting from searching for objects, planting plants, ending with brewing potions and fighting. During the game, you can create teams with other players and face various dangers that await in the virtual world.

Collect Items Encountered – As you progress through the game, you will come across various items that you store in storage (such as seeds and water needed to plant plants used to make potions). Collect and use them regularly because the storage capacity is limited.

Get to know the mechanics of the game – in addition to conducting magical duels, Wizards Unite offers many other activities. During the adventure, you will plant plants, brew potions, and capture magical creatures. It is worth getting acquainted with all aspects of the game in order to fully enjoy the passage.

Complete tasks – among other things, with daily challenges or challenges of wizards. Thanks to them, you will receive valuable prizes, such as experience points that will allow you to move to a higher level, or valuable items, such as potions or portkey keys.

Take care of the level of magical energy – it is mainly used to fight opponents. If you don’t use it during combat, you will be an easy target for your opponents. So always try to have adequate supplies. You can renew energy in taverns by using potions, completing various tasks, or paying for it in gold.

Take part in magical trials – these are sequences of fights with various opponents that take place in fortresses. You can get valuable rewards for defeating enemies.

Use the help of other players – while staying in fortresses and fighting with rivals, you can create teams of five people who fight alongside their rivals. This increases the chances of success, especially if the group consists of wizards with different professions.

Evolve your character – by completing various actions, you will gain experience points and advance to higher levels, which will make your character stronger and unlock new features (for example, a cauldron at level 4). To gain experience, complete challenges (day and night), collect magical items and participate in battles.

Organize your time – the game has elements related to real time. For example, some potions can take up to 12 hours to prepare. This is why these types of promotions should be left overnight rather than being wasted during the day.

Use gold carefully – it’s an internal currency that you can earn by completing tasks or buying real money. Gold can be used to speed up the preparation of potions or revive magical energy, but it is worth considering before using this option.


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