Hearthstone Forged in the Barrens released: 135 new cards, Classic

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Blizzard has released the “Forged of the Barrens” expansion for Hearthstone. Many were waiting for him, let’s see why. First, 135 new cards have been added to the game. In addition, a new property has appeared, Frenzy; if the creature takes damage for the first time and survives, then the enemy will be in trouble. The spells in your deck are now sorted by school of magic. If you missed the old days, now appeared Classic Mode; it lets you play with the 240 original cards that Hearthstone launched in 2014. By the way, one of the cards is Blade Lord Samuro, who is very similar to the NPC from Warcraft III (he sacrificed people to the Demons in the campaign for the Alliance).

In addition, the classes now have spells that move to a new rank if you get 5 or 10 mana. If you need mercenaries to win, then 10 such guys have appeared in the ranks of the Alliance and Horde.

Prior to the release of the add-on, patch 20.0 came into the game. He added Saurfang as a hero. In addition, all players who log into Hearthstone after the patch release will receive one set of Gold Classic Cards. Some sets have moved to a free format. Read more here

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