Hearts of Iron 4: cheats and console commands

Like any Paradox grand strategy game, Heart of Iron IV can be a little tricky to understand even for the most enthusiastic WWII gamers. And while trial and error and reading a lot of guides will definitely help if the walkthrough didn’t go exactly the way you wanted, console commands and cheats can give you more freedom of action.

They’re also handy if you just want to experiment with different scenarios. What would happen if, in the midst of D-Day, a civil war suddenly broke out or someone started nuclear bombing every province without warning? Perhaps the answer to the second question is more obvious than the first, but the idea is clear – this is a great way to get out of a predicament or just have fun.

List of cheats and console commands

Getting access to Hearts of Iron IV console commands and cheats is pretty easy. All you have to do is press the tilde (~) key to open the console. Then you can simply enter any command from the list below.

Please note that they are not available in Iron Man mode or multiplayer battles. As usual, numbers, tags and identifiers are entered without brackets. Here are a number of useful Hearts of Iron IV console commands and cheats:

  • tdebug – opens debugging information like nation tags and identifiers
  • cp (number) – gives a given amount of political power points
  • st (number) – gives a given amount of stability points
  • ws (number) – gives a given number of war support points
  • allowtraits – allows you to assign abilities to generals for free
  • gain_xp (amount) – gives the selected character a set amount of experience
  • gain_xp (ability) – gives the selected character the specified ability
  • xp (number) – gives the player the experience of the army, navy and aviation
  • whitepeace (country tags) – concludes peace on the terms of the status quo with the indicated countries
  • instant construction – immediate completion of all projects, including ships
  • debug_nuking – allows you to carry out nuclear bombing of all provinces, regardless of conditions
  • event (event id) (target country tag) – executes the given event
  • annex (country tag) – annexes the specified country
  • manpower (number) – gives the player a given amount of manpower
  • fuel (amount) – gives the player a set amount of fuel
  • nu (number) – gives the player a set number of national unity points
  • nuke (number) – gives the player the specified number of nuclear bombs
  • research_on_icon_click – opens technology research by clicking on its icon in the technology tree
  • setowner (country tag) (province id) – sets the owner of the specified province
  • civilwar – (ideology) (target country tag) – starts a civil war
  • set_ruling_party (ideology group) – establishes a given party of the ruling
  • it – instantly trains divisions and ships
  • resistance (number) – increases resistance in the province by a given number of points
  • compliance (number) – increases obedience in the province by a given number of points
  • deleteallunits (country tag) – removes all units of the given country
  • Focus.NoChecks – removes conditions for focus execution
  • Focus.AutoComplete – instantly perform tricks

If you’re a fan of grand strategy games, now that you’ve got the tools to win WW2 in Hearts of Iron IV, you can take a look at our Crusader Kings 3 console commands guide.

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