Helping Columbus Get to America in Here Be Dragons, iOS Release

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Many remember from school history books about Christopher Columbus, who discovered America. The developers from the studio Red Zero Games told how he did it in the game Here Be Dragons. It was ported to smartphones, so heroes can set sail on sailing ships to fight sea monsters. The gameplay is turn-based, the graphics are made in the style of old maps. Our ship and the enemy have health, defense and attack points. It depends on who will go to the bottom.

Gradually, we open up new territories, and also bring monsters into the bestiary. For a winning strategy, you need to correctly distribute the dice according to actions, for example, shoot forward or defend. All this is told in teaching with a pinch of irony. In addition to battles at sea, there are “battles” with the bureaucratic machine, that is, you need to listen to the ravings of the king and his advisers.

Here Be Dragons is already available on iOS, Nintendo Switch and PC. This is a premium project, the issue price in the App Store is 449 rubles. There is no Russian localization, information about the version for Android too.

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