Intel Unveils Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition Packaging Processors

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They have original packaging design

A week ago, data appeared on the Web that the Core KA processors that had been spotted shortly before would be “advertising” CPUs with the Avengers Edition prefix in the name.

And as strange as it may sound about Intel, it is. Last night, the company quietly announced the Core Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition Packaging processor.

Unfortunately, Intel has not disclosed any details yet. The advertisement tells us that some CPU Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 will be available in a similar form. Earlier we talked about the Core i9-10900KA, Core i9-10850KA, Core i7-10700KA and Core i5-10600KA, which is quite logical.

Intel Unveils Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition Packaging Processors

However, it is unclear if the “vengeful” processors differ from the regular ones in anything other than the box. In theory, you can expect at least some posters, and at most – codes for downloading the new Marvel’s Avengers game. The price situation is also unclear.

Source: Twitter

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