TapTap never ceases to amaze with the number of interesting mobile games. In the previous collection, we had serious competitors, each of which deserves attention. Let’s see what we have this time. I will only say the following: one of the projects presented will be able to compete with World of Tanks Blitz. Think you can guess? Then let’s go.

Battle of the horizon

If you thought you already played everything, then this game will convince you. First, we choose the format of the scrum: from “1v1” to “5v5”. Next comes the choice of race and the match begins. Everything is not immediately clear there: some kind of green field and we place units on it. Gold is spent on them; it is mined using high-tech mines. They can be pumped. It takes about 25 seconds to buy and deploy troops. Then, without our participation, they run forward to destroy the enemy tower. In this they will be prevented by enemy units that run to our base. In this regard, the game has a tower defense genre.

Do you think that’s all? When we get to the first “tower” and destroy it, it turns into a huge titanium. He beats up our army like a bug. And yes, we can buy more units, but a new squad comes out after a certain time and all together. The graphics are stuck at Heroes of Might & Magic V, so no revelations. One match can last 10 minutes, while all this time you will watch as your army is torn apart by steel titanium.

NieR Re[in]carnation

The first mobile game in the NieR franchise – there must be something interesting. If you have visited the previous parts, this should not disappoint: an incomprehensible plot, silent characters and mixed action with quiet dialogues. The former guys from Square Enix were engaged in the development and soundtrack, so there is no drawdown in quality. From the very beginning, we find ourselves in a 2D world, although after the introduction we immediately go into a three-dimensional space. Together with A2 (the main character in this part) a certain ghost travels, which the locals call “Mama”.

The battles are turn-based, but the characters (ours and the enemy) attack almost without stopping, which sets the dynamics. If you make combinations of attacks of several heroes, then the damage increases. Battles can be: reflection of several waves of monsters or battles with bosses. One way or another, for the victory they give currency and equipment. Yes, the project is shareware, so it even has an auto mode and microtransactions. At the same time, Applibot tried to move away from clichéd free-2-play games and do something of its own. Did it work or not? We’ll find out after the global release if it ever comes.

Twilight siege

Auto-butlers never die and Twilight Siege will take care of that. Before the battle, we arrange the heroes in positions: warriors forward, mages and healers back. A squad can have a maximum of five heroes. They are sorted by rarity, so you should expect the typical elements of gacha games. Also, each character has its own special. attack. If you need to pump up, we leave the game in AFK-mode: in the background, our squad will beat light mobs. Most of the battles take place (at least at first) on the wall of a castle; it can get boring. For the lazy, there is auto-combat, plus the acceleration of battles in half. In order not to get too stuck at each level, the developers screwed a timer. Experience, gold and equipment are awarded for victory. Completing tasks, we open the following chapters.

FIVE – Esports Manager Game

Raise your hand for those who wanted to become an esports player at least once. I thought so; see why not immediately become a team manager? You just need to sign new players to the local Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, train them and get paid. But this is only on the surface: each clutch has its own chemistry, so you need to approach the competition seriously, otherwise your wards will constantly play facepalm. To do this, we choose the tactics of the game for each card and for both sides of the conflict. In their free time from competitions, our team can train and stream.

Getting new players is a random event in the sense that we don’t know their characteristics in advance. To do this, you need to rotate the drum and try again if you don’t like the result. Just remember that the project is shareware and you won’t be able to draw a tough player for free.

Rise of Stars

Has someone ordered a mobile strategy? As soon as Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector came out, which could not surprise with anything, it appeared on the horizon. Again, no revelations, but for non-sophisticated gamers will do. Here space themes, wars of various factions and, of course, base construction. This topic takes time, but you can speed up it for premium currency and boosts. We move along the plot, completing tasks and opening new chapters. We do not take part in the battles, but simply observe the models standing in place. The only plus – gameplay in vertical format, can be played on the bus or subway.


Diablo Immortal is not out yet? Then let’s launch Dawnblade, because this is the budget version of Diablo. The controls are standard: a stick and five buttons for attacks and specials. abilities. The canon camera is isometric. The locations are scattered with chests with gold. There are dialogs, but they are not voiced and executed, as in step-by-step jRPGs: two icons alternately display text. Boss fights are not difficult if you are familiar with MMORPGs: we dodge targeted and AOE attacks and we are in chocolate. The hero has armor and weapons that have a rarity level. By the way, there are three classes: a warrior, a robber and a magician. Don’t expect anything mesmerizing from graphics: square trees and one polygon on the grass. At the same time, the emphasis is on the combat system, which is quite dynamic and attracts the player’s attention.

Sky Warriors: Air Clash

When will Wargaming release World of Warplanes to smartphones? One way or another, until then, you can get stuck in Sky Warriors: here you have fighters with missiles and a blue sky. At the very beginning, we will be given training; it is attended by two teams of three aircraft each. In this case, the task is to destroy cargo planes or ships. The mission is given about three minutes. A question to control fighters: they are very clumsy. It may be so in reality, but you may not have time to dodge the missiles, and they kill quickly. There are matches in the “3 vs 3” format, but you can play with bots. Well, let’s arrange a flash mob and increase the number of developers online?

Tank Company Mobile

Again, back to the Belarusian Wargaming: World of Tanks Blitz is no longer a young game, so NetEase Games decided to attack; yes, not just like that, but with a tank barrel. You see, the Tank Company Mobile CBT should pass in March, and if you look closely at the gameplay, you will be amazed: “This is the Blitz, only with Chinese characters! “. And this is so: here is the annoying artillery with a combat view from above; here are the heavy tanks with turns in place; here is the green and red interface. Let’s not forget about the map, which is divided by a grid with clearly marked blocks.

According to the Chinese testers, the release will be in the summer of 2021. The only question is: “Is it worth waiting for a global version?” The only noticeable drawback is that a powerful device is required. But it’s easy to check the compatibility of your smartphone: launch PUBG Mobile and watch the FPS. If it doesn’t work at minimum salaries, then we can safely forget about the existence of the Tank Company.

Phantom Blade 3

The Chinese have released a cool slasher and, most likely, the third part of the Phantom Blade series. There is no heavy music here, but here top drawing… It is hand-made, plus it resembles an anime drawing. It even shows up in character animations. Here you will find samurai and birds that deliver mail. All plot and dialogue is in Chinese only. But the essence is clear: we get rare items and pump the character. We have an energy scale, and you know what it means – free-to-play. At the same time, the interface is not overloaded, although there is a store. The controls are typical and we’ve seen it hundreds of times. At the end of the location, a boss is waiting, but he is light to the point of impossibility: we call him with ordinary attacks and abilities, and then we collect loot.

The swordsmen x

Ever played Battle Royale? What if we add samurai there? The output will be The Swordsmen X. Here, the relationship is clarified with swords and everything is saturated with ancient times. For example, instead of a flying ship, we get an airship with a huge kite. And yes, you thought correctly: this is also a Chinese project. If there is no sword in hand, then it’s time for kung fu… Items are not scattered on the floor, but are in chests. Swords can be pumped, but it does not affect the appearance. While CBT is underway, there are few events and battles on the map. Interestingly, after death, our enemy bows while standing and disappears. We are unlikely to see a global release, so install TapTap and enjoy. And that’s all for me.

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