Jeff Keely will show over 30 games at Summer Game Fest 2021, Elden Ring may be on the list

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Jeff Keely is a famous Canadian journalist who is known to many as the host of E3 and The Game Awards. Now Jeff has announced that for the first time in 25 years he will not be there; instead, he will host Summer Game Fest 2021. This is an online conference where we will be shown over 30 games; other than that, it is worth waiting for special guests, musical performances and much more. Jeff even made a hype trailer for the event himself. According to the information from Youtube, then the conference starts on June 10 at 20:30 Moscow time.

It’s worth noting that the Summer Game Fest 2021 schedule echoes E3 2021. official website Show dates and times for Ubisoft, Bethesda and other publishers. Stay tuned for updates on the AppTime website: we will add a schedule for the Russian-speaking community.

If we go into the zone of rumors and leaks, then we found something interesting here. Remember Elden Ring? This game may be shown at the Summer Game Fest 2021; if you believe the insiders, the game will be released on all platforms, like Dark Souls. This is because the developers own the franchise, not the corporations that develop the consoles.

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