JRPG Valiant Force 2 impresses with music and smooth animations

Valiant Force 2 is a mobile jRPG with anime style, where turn-based battles are mixed with animations and a plot of the level of modern works from Japan. The developers have worked on all aspects of the game, from a clear interface and epic orchestral music, to a smooth flow of location exploration into skirmishes; it’s much better than in the same classic Final Fantasy.

In Valiant Force 2, you need to collect a squad of anime characters that have different roles, class, element, and rarity level. Of course, new heroes must be knocked out through the gacha system. Note that you can manage the squad manually or enable auto-mode. Well, in order to constantly win, we recommend choosing characters so that they “control” the enemy’s element, since Valiant Force 2 has a “rock, paper, scissors” system.

Currently, an early version of Valiant Force 2 is available on Android in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Philippines. Its current name is Project V.

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