Korean MMORPG Bless Mobile Servers To Close This June, The Reasons Are Clear

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Shutting down Asian MMORPG servers is common. The problem is that this is not happening in the West, but in Asia itself. In February, we talked about SoulWorker in South Korea, in May, publisher Arc the Lad R decided to shut down Japanese servers almost simultaneously with the release of the global version. Now it’s Bless Mobile’s turn. This is a real “walker” with an isometric camera and auto-battles. The history is boring to follow, and the graphics are made in a swampy and dull palette. At the same time, the project was made on Unreal Engine 4, which is the industry standard. But this did not save Bless Mobile – JOYCITY will close the game servers. It will happen again in Korea on June 29th.

As for the global version of Bless, the publisher is silent about this. Some people say that the game failed due to insufficient advertising – they simply forgot about it. If you want to have time to play a mobile MMORPG (all of a sudden the European servers will be closed), then first read our guide for beginners.

Russian gamers still gave Bless Mobile a rating of 4.3 out of 5. As disadvantages, they point out the crooked control and the lack of Russian localization. And, of course, random armor pumping. This is a typical MMORPG with scanty pros and a bunch of cons, so the reasons for the server closures in Korea are clear.

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