Latest changes in CS:GO rosters (as of January 2022)

Latest changes in CSGO rosters as of January 2022 GTA IV - all characters in the game

Latest changes in CSGO rosters as of January 2022 GTA IV - all characters in the game
The year has ended, and with it, major tournaments in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive discipline have ended. And while there are no championships, it’s time for transfers. Absolutely all teams participate in the reshuffle, regardless of the level. Lineups change even the weakest clubs, because there are more and more available players. And it’s not just about free agents, because many teams are willing to exchange players who have not yet ended the contract. What transfers have already taken place? What are the market rumors? What transfer can be called the most sensational? You will learn about this in this article. And on this site you can . List of m0NESY transfers to G2 The most sensational transfer on the CIS market. Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov has joined G2. At the age of 16, Ilya has already managed to play for two years in the NaVi Junior youth team. However, there were no places in the first team, and the player was put up for transfer. And at that moment, the top European organization G2 became interested in him almost immediately. The negotiations were long and covered by a huge number of insiders. The stumbling block was the possibility of a buyback. G2 didn’t want to add this clause to the contract of the 16-year-old talent, but the organizations were able to find a compromise in the form of a condition that NaVi would have the rights of first appeal when selling G2’s m0NESY. At the moment, m0NESY is the most promising young player, the sniper from Russia has always stood out with high statistics at the tier-2 level. The only problems that may arise when playing for a new team is the language, because all his career in NaVi Junior, m0NESY spoke Russian, and now he needs to switch to English. According to insiders, the transfer cost G2 €600,000. This amount is a record known in this transfer window. ropz in “FaZe” One of the players who played in the same team all his career finally changed it. Robin “ropz” Cool joined MOUZ in 2017 after showing off his skills at their office. Many considered Kul a cheater and to prove otherwise, he played a game in the MOUZ office, after which he immediately received a contract at his 18 years old. And all this time, ropz continued to play for this team, and regardless of its results, he continued to show a high level of play in every tournament. However, recently the club has fallen into a hard recession, and there have been no victories in major tournaments for a very long time. Therefore, the Estonian decided to change the team for the first time in his career. According to insiders, Cool had a wide choice of three clubs: G2, Liquid and FaZe. “Liquid” was immediately rejected, because the Estonian was not interested in playing in America. And when choosing between European organizations, ropz settled on FaZe, which needed to be strengthened. In order to make a substitution, “FaZe” had to say goodbye to Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer, who is leaving the main team for the fifth time. In the new team, ropz will take the role of a rifler.

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