Legend Ash’s Skills Details Revealed in Apex Legends’ New Trailer

A new trailer dedicated to the skills of the new legend Ash has been posted on the official YouTube channel of Apex Legends. Coming very soon, on November 2nd, we will see a fresh update for Apex, which will bring a lot of innovations along with the season 11 “Escape”, among which will be the legend of Ash. Let’s take a look at her skills:

  • Death Mark (passive skill). New Death Crates are displayed on Ash’s map. Press “H” on the container to mark the surviving attackers.
  • Arc shackles (tactical skill). Ash throws a spinning trap that injures and binds the first enemy that gets close to her.
  • Phase gap (special skills). Opens a one-way portal to the target point.

Today, October 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET, we will release a detailed preview for the upcoming season, where we will reveal even more about the Ash Legend and other innovations.

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