Looking at the gameplay of The Rising of the Shield Hero RISE, released in Asia

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Not so long ago, the novel The Rising of the Shield Hero appeared. They have already managed to make a game for gamers from Taiwan; the project is called – The Rising of the Shield Hero. There are cutscenes from the anime, as well as typical turn-based combat. Dialogue in the form of a visual novel, but they are voiced (at least the initial ones). By the way, the voice acting is Japanese, and the characters are Chinese. The local setting is medieval fantasy. In battles, you can click on opponents; the plot is divided into chapters, and those into levels.

Sometimes you can choose an answer in dialogues, but this is unlikely to affect anything. The project is mediocre, if you are not attracted to anime gachi on mobile phones. It can be seen that a lot of things are built on the plot and dialogues, so your finger will get tired of tapping on the screen to skip conversations. We are fighting, by the way, with slimes, knights and … drunken robbers? 10/10.

The Rising of the Shield Hero RISE is now available on iOS and Android in Taiwan. This is a shareware project with microtransactions up to 7 300 rubles per item… Nothing is known about the global version.

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