Mafia 2: Definitive Edition – Optimization Guide

Mafia Trilogy is available now – all that remains is to wait for the Mafia 1 remaster, which will be released later this year. But you can already appreciate the updated version of Mafia 2. On the PC, everything is far from perfect, as it was with the original – it suffered from numerous problems, although it was definitely beautiful for its time. The new version also looks great, but to achieve perfection, it is worth tweaking it a bit.

Many new players are facing annoying issues like low frame rate, weird physics, flickering smoke and many more. We tried to solve these problems and collected all the solutions we found here in one place. Most of them are very simple, but rather non-trivial – you would hardly have learned about them yourself without a lot of experiments. Here is the collective knowledge of the Internet that we are ready to share with you.

How to fix slow performance

The performance of some computers and video cards in Mafia 2 DE is much worse than it should be. This problem has a rather strange solution, but it works – try it.

  • During the game, double-click Alt+Enter

Alt+Enter toggles windowed and full screen modes. Double-clicking resets the mode – many poorly optimized games experience weird issues in windowed mode. Apparently, pressing this combination twice puts Mafia 2 into true full-screen mode, and not the default borderless window mode.

How to fix problems with physics

To enable PhysX on Nvidia in Mafia 2: Definitive Edition, you will need to change the in-game settings. PhysX is only supported by Nvidia graphics cards.

  • Go to the menu in the game SettingsVideo
  • Set parameter General settings into meaning High
  • Do not install for General settings meaning Custom

Go back and agree to restart and confirm the settings.

Don’t Benchmark PhysX! For some unknown reason, this causes the PhysX settings to go astray. Just start the game as usual.

How to skip intro videos

To remove the intros every time you launch the game, simply rename/delete the two files in your Mafia 2 installation folder on Steam.

  • Open the Mafia 2 installation folder: steamappscommonMafia II Definitive Editionpcsdsvideo
  • Delete d3t.bik And Logos.bik

How to fix flickering smoke

If your smoke flickers and changes color, you can fix it in the Nvidia control panel.

  • open Nvidia control panel -> 3D Options
  • Select from the drop down menu Mafia 2DE
  • Scroll down and select Vertical Sync: Fast

You can choose fast or adaptive v-sync, but fast works best. If problems persist, try both modes.

How to copy original save file in De

The original Mafia 2 save files are compatible with the new version. All you need to do is copy the file to a suitable location.

  • Find the original Mafia 2 save folder and copy the files:

C:UsersYOUR_NAMEAppDataLocal2K GamesMafia IISaves

  • Paste the save directory into the Mafia 2: DE save folder located at:

C:UsersYOUR_NAMEDocumentsMy GamesMafia II Definitive EditionSaves

If the Saves folder isn’t there yet, it means you haven’t started a new game yet. Just create a folder or copy the entire folder from the original to the DE directory.

So far, that’s all the advice we’ve been able to find! We will update the list as new information becomes available.

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