Mario Golf: Super Rush: Review

Mario Golf Super Rush Review Mario Golf: Super Rush: Review

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Mario has a very busy life, and he is an athlete anywhere: he plays tennis, and participated in the Olympic Games with Sonic, and loves golf. The latest sport and dedicated to Mario Golf: Super Rush, which was developed by the same team as the recent Mario tennis aces… If in the previous project the shortcomings seemed not so significant, then in the new game the authors made even more mistakes.

The Hero The Mushroom Kingdom Doesn’t Need

First of all, it is surprising how boring the Golf Adventure story mode turned out to be. In it, we control the Mii – a character with the chosen appearance arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom to learn golf, takes part in competitions and receives medals that open access to more difficult challenges. I don’t know who is in the word game Mario in the title I want to play for Mii, but I definitely do not have such a desire. However, there is no choice.

Popular characters like Mario, Luigi and Peach recede into the background – we are invited to spend time surrounded by Toad, Toadette, Boo, all kinds of Koopa corpse and other not the most interesting heroes. The locations in which we sign up for the next tournament have been made open – you can approach everyone you meet and talk to them. Here are just the plot dialogs, which are additional ones so empty that you very quickly lose interest in the conversations. Of course, dialogue is not the strongest side of games with Mario, but their level is noticeably lower here than in platform games.

You can buy new clubs and costumes with the coins you earn.  They give stat bonuses.

You can buy new clubs and costumes with the coins you earn. They give stat bonuses.

As a result, the story mode turns out to be running from one corner to another in order to register for the next competition, and you have to control the most boring character. It quickly becomes clear that this is a five-hour tutorial in which you are introduced to locations, modes and controls. It’s hard to get rid of the feeling that the developers themselves are not interested in this universe and they could not come up with anything with it, although the potential was very great.

Run without looking back

In experiments, they hit the gameplay, and not all solutions seem to be successful. Throughout almost the entire story mode, you have to not only hit the ball with your club, but also immediately after hitting to run towards it. The energy scale dries up when accelerating, however, you can pick up hearts along the way, and with a full supply, press the L button to make the character accelerate even more for a couple of seconds. In this state, it is possible to knock down opponents. However, this is not necessary in the plot – they will stumble on level ground and miss the holes without you.

Have to.

Have to.

The need to chase the ball goes against the basic idea of ​​video game golf. In real life, this is a rather boring sport – you hit with a club, sit in a golf cart and go where the ball fell. In games, golf is much more spectacular: replays from different angles show the golfer’s reaction to luck or failure, and the camera often follows the ball. Mario Golf: Super Rush deprives the player of all this – you hit, the ball went somewhere, and you immediately hold down the A button and rush forward. Did you score a lucky birdie? The ball flew beautifully around a tree and landed on a nearby hill? You can’t even see it with your own eyes.

No repetitions for you.

My favorite golf moments are when you take a long time to calculate how the wind will affect the flight of the ball, pick the right golf club and hope that the ball will stop on the green, or at least on the rough, and not roll into the bunker. And after the hit, you follow the ball together with the virtual operator. Here, too, you can carry out calculations, however, until you reach the next point, you will not know what results your last blow will lead to. You feel especially strange in multi-level locations – you cannot lift the camera up, so it is not always clear whether the ball has flown over the hill or will fall somewhere nearby in a couple of seconds.

We can say that this is still not ordinary golf, but Mario golf and for a “casual” audience, it’s more fun to run around the field rather than watch reruns. However, it is difficult to call the novelty very simple – there are different types of clubs, all sorts of kicks, putts and backspins. Of course, it cannot do without unique “chips” like opponents on the fields and hurricanes that lift balls and the player, but the game does not turn into a complete absurdity – it is still golf.

In Story Mode, this field is definitely not the first try.

Birdie and bogey

If you evaluate Super rush exactly as a simulator, in terms of mechanics, it is at least better than its predecessors. There are some strange solutions here. For example, the map is not very convenient. And for some reason the player is shown a grid of hills and lowlands right at the place where he stands during the strike, although this is only needed when performing pitta. Otherwise, everything is more or less adequate, and for fans of standard rules, the “Regular Golf” mode is available without unnecessary running around. True, there are only six fields in the game, and not all of them turned out to be of high quality. They are also available in the “Blitz Golf” mode, where you run to the ball every time and must bring it to the hole as soon as possible.

The seventh map is open only in the “Golf-scramble” mode, and there is a suspicion that all the mechanics related to running were created exclusively for him. It is a competition between four players who enter an enclosed nine-hole course. As soon as someone scores a point, the hole disappears along with the flag, and as soon as someone scores balls into three holes, he wins the match. The map has two variations, differing in the number of obstacles, but the essence does not change: chaos is happening on the screen, everyone rushes to the holes, the chain-chomps interfere with them, something explodes and stuns the characters …

A common situation in the

A common situation in the “Golf Scramble” is a field littered with coins.

At such moments, the game, of course, ceases to be classic golf, but offers something of its own. But on one map you won’t go far, and the mode gets bored pretty quickly. In addition, there are no significant differences between the characters – many have the same abilities, which in such chaotic matches do not really matter.

That’s all, there is no more content. We have a mediocre story campaign that looks more like an amateur craft from the assets of games about Mario, and three additional modes with seven maps. Plus multiplayer, to get to which from the main menu you need to five clicks. A list of lobbies opens in front of you with the number of participants in each, and you choose where to connect and what you want to play.

The multiplayer is tiresome because you can't skip the punches in it.

The multiplayer is tiresome because you can’t skip the punches in it.

The matches take place without any problems. “Jams” happen periodically, but in golf it is not so bad. Much worse is the fact that there is neither a progress system nor a rating regime, so you won’t sit down for a long time – there is no point. Probably, the rating will be added later, but the audience by that time may have already scattered.

Mario Golf: Super Rush was neither a good game with Mario, nor a good game of golf. The mechanics seem to be implemented great, and there are enough playable characters, but the content is too little. And the one that is available quickly gets bored – either because of strange decisions (story campaign), or because of the lack of at least some incentive to waste time (multiplayer). The game will definitely be supported by free updates, and at least the number of fields in it will increase over time, but it is unlikely that all serious flaws will be fixed.

Pros: classic golf pleases with high-quality implementation of mechanics; new ideas perfectly fit into the “Golf-scramble” mode; multiplayer works adequately.

Minuses: dull story mode that gets boring quickly; the need to run after the ball means the absence of beautiful repetitions and a lack of understanding where the ball eventually fell after being hit; small amount of content, especially modes and fields; in multiplayer there is neither a progress system nor a rating.

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