Mega Man X Dive is now available in several more countries, how to download? (instruction)

The mobile game Mega Man X Dive is available in new regions, but there is no CIS among them. This is an action game with gacha elements and rare characters. You can download it on Android, but you need a special program for this.

Asian publishers have released Mega Man X Dive in several regions, including Western Europe and America. The project includes genres such as action, anime and gacha. Overall, the game is similar to Tencent’s recent Contra Returns. The developers promise familiar characters from the Mega Man series. Each of them has its own abilities and a specific fighting style. To gain an advantage in battle, you need to get and pump S level weapons.

How to install Mega Man X Dive on Android?

  • Downloading four APK files in one archive via our Telegram channel (copy it somewhere to your device)
  • Install special application
  • Run it and find all four files, select them and install
  • For users of Xiaomi smartphones, it is imperative to disable the MIUI optimization in the “For Developers” section, otherwise it will give an error and install the game will not work

Mega Man X Dive is already available on iOS and Android in the West. Nothing is known about the CIS version yet. This is a shareware project with in-game purchases up to 7 400 rubles per item

App Store (Great Britain)Google play

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