Minecraft Dungeons Guide – Best Character Builds

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One of the most interesting moments in Minecraft Dungeons is the combination of equipment, enchantments and artifacts. Sometimes there are individual combinations that work much better than others. The most powerful builds will allow you to quickly deal with enemies, not worry about bosses and make your hero incredibly powerful.

In this guide, we will try to present you with all the best builds for the game. Let’s start with three of our favorites, but we’ll be sure to add many more over time.

Build with gloves for high DPS

  • Melee weapons: Gloves
  • Melee Weapon Enchantments: Weaken, Critical Strike
  • Ranged weapons: any Scattering Crossbow.
  • Ranged Weapon Enchantments: Volley, Bonus Shot, Molten Arrow
  • Armor: Evocative clothing
  • Armor Enchantments: Cooldown x2, Protection
  • Artifacts: Pyrobolt, Windhorn, Pale Grebe

Our damage per second (DPS) gauntlet build requires very specific enchantments, but once you get them, you’ll turn into an unstoppable war machine. You won’t be able to get everything you need until you beat the game at least once, but after completing the first time, the Gloves and powerful enchantments will unlock.

The idea behind this build is to abuse Pale Toadstool’s timer at the expense of Evocative Clothes’ own cooldown speeding ability and additional Cooldown enchantments. You will be able to activate the mushroom again and again, and its buff will not expire. This will greatly speed up your attack speed, meaning the gauntlet’s Critical Strike chance will proc more often. Pyroshooters will help with distant enemies, and the Horn of Wind will scare away large groups from you if you are injured.

Pathfinder Pyrotechnician

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  • Melee weapons: Any weapon that hits multiple targets, such as the Great Hammer, Ax or Claymore
  • Melee Weapon Enchantments: Chains, Purpose, Paralysis
  • Ranged weapons: Scattering Crossbow or any unique ranged weapon with multiple charges
  • Ranged Weapon Enchantments: Volley, Melting Arrow, Haste/Rapid Fire
  • Armor: Hunter Armor/Evocation Clothes
  • Armor Enchantments: Reload, Snowball, Swiftness
  • Artifacts: Pyroshooter, Shock Powder, Pale Toadstool

The pyrotechnic tracker build is for those who want to look really impressive. Artifacts and certain types of weapons can be combined to make them even better. This applies in particular to all artifacts that are added to the quiver with arrows, and the Pyro Arrow is perfectly combined with the effects of ranged weapons. This build turns one exploding arrow into a whole firework by simply scattering large groups of enemies.

The rest of the build focuses on reducing cooldowns so you can fire your fireworks more often. Part of the artifacts is aimed at preventing enemies from getting too close. In addition, you have a choice between armor that increases the number of arrows (Hunter Armor) and reduces reload time (Evocation Clothes).

Soul Mage

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  • Melee weapons: Soul Knife
  • Melee Weapon Enchantments: Lifesteal, Echo, Weaken
  • Ranged weapons: Soul Crossbow
  • Ranged Weapon Enchantments: Volley, Infinity, Penetration
  • Armor: Soul Robe
  • Armor Enchantments: Health Synergy, Fire Trail, Potion Barrier
  • Artifacts: Pale Grebe, Damaged Beacon or Lightning Staff, Soul Healer

This Soul Mage build is ready to collect as many souls from enemies as physically possible in principle. Thanks to the Soul Knife, Soul Crossbow and Soul Robe, this supply will replenish quickly. And then you can unleash magic on enemies with the Damaged Beacon or Lightning Staff. Soul Knife is quite slow, so Pale Grebe is used to speed up the attack.

Other items in this build focus on maximizing health. Artifact Soul Healer can use collected souls to restore health, Health Synergy restores some health after using artifacts, and Potion Barrier gives a powerful bonus to defense after using a potion.

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