MMORPG Albion Online will soon reach Asia

Sandbox Interactive announced the upcoming launch of a server for Asia, which will soon appear in the MMORPG sandbox Albion Online. In March 2023, a special server for the Asia-Pacific region will be launched. Thus, players from the aforementioned region will be able to get a gaming experience in Albion with normal ping and technical performance.

To the features of the launch, the authors noted:

  • a pristine version of the game where all players start on an equal footing and can claim their own corner of the world of Albion,
  • a game world completely separate and independent from the existing West Albion server,
  • significantly improved connection speed and ping for the entire Asia-Pacific region,
  • timing of game and server events optimized for the given region (battles for territories, Crystal League, faction war, maintenance, etc.);

It was also noted that on January 24 at 10:00 pm Moscow time, director Robin Henkys will be broadcasting where he will answer the most questions from users on Albion Online. There will be a stream on the official AlbionTV channel.

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