MMORPG with elements of the sandbox Fractured Online has entered the CBT stage

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Dynamight Studios has announced the start of closed beta testing of MMORPG with elements of the sandbox Fractured Online. This stage will take place around the clock and without division into separate sessions, as in the days of alpha. The only exceptions are breaks for technical work.

An end date for the CBT has not yet been determined. To participate, you must purchase one of the four Founder’s Packs, which range in price from €25.99 to €129.99 discounted. The game is distributed through the Glyph service from gamigo, which is the publisher.

“Today marks a very important moment in the history of Fractured Online,” said Jacopo Gallelli, co-founder and CEO of Dynamight Studios. “From now on, anyone can log into the game at any time to begin their quest for knowledge and overcome threats through their own skill and quick wits, not equipment or level. Embark on legendary journeys as a lone hero, or establish a settlement with your guild to develop it into an empire. Participate in a developed player-driven economy, create items for personal use or for trade, fight various monsters or other players in PvE/PvP battles. What they do in the game depends only on the players: they can live an honest life as a shepherd, farmer or craftsman, or choose a more brutal way of hunting and robbery.

During testing, players have the opportunity to explore the new continent of Erkhen, which is mostly ruled by humans. Before visiting this place, you will have to take care to protect yourself from the cold. In addition to the weather, numerous enemies pose a threat, such as jotuns, mammoths, elks, arctic wolves and various elementals that can be found throughout the territory.

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