More Changes Coming to OSRS Quest Speedrunning

image 1 More Changes Coming to OSRS Quest Speedrunning

Two more quests have been added to Quest Speedrunning.

Quest Speedrunning is a game mode that has quickly gained popularity amongst players who want a different type of challenge regarding Old School RuneScape. Because it is niche content that appeals only to a specific category of players, and the player base voiced their preference towards this. Jagex has chosen to only reward you with untradeables for the fantastic achievements you might get while speedrunning, and this means all the time spent questrunning won’t turn into either XP or OSRS GP. As such, the game mode appeals mostly to established veterans who have already earned enough XP and OSRS gold on their mains and want unique and prestigious rewards.

Overview of Quest Speedrunning

The Quest Speedrunning game mode takes place in a completely different world where you will leave behind your main character and won’t be able to influence it much, except for the few collection log untradeables. You will be given a standard set of stats, items, and OSRS GP upon the quest start, which you will need to wisely use to beat certain times allotted to complete each of the nine quests currently in the game. For example, for a taste of hope, you will be able to choose to receive 12,000 OSRS gold coins, 5 Stamina Potions (2 in Bank), 30 Sharks (20 in Bank), 4 Super Restore Potions (2 in Bank), Enchant Emerald or Jade Tablet, Emerald, Ghostspeak Amulet, Ectophial, Rod of Ivandis, Dragon Scimitar, Dragon Defender, Fighter Torso, Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Boots, Helm of Neitiznot, Obsidian Cape, Amulet of Glory, Berserker Ring (i), Rune Gloves.

Launch Day

On launch, you could choose to compete in speedrunning seven quests: Cook’s Assistant, Ernest the Chicken, Vampyre Slayer, Demon Slayer, Prince Ali Rescue, Beneath Cursed Sands, and Dragon Slayer I. Now, you can get challenged by two more quests A Taste of Hope and Sins of The Father. Jagex initially stated that they would add more quests to this members-only game mode depending on how popular the game mode gets and how well players will perform in beating the timers. And now they have brought drastically more challenges with the two high-level quests that require patience and dedication in the main game. While most initial quests take only a few minutes, these two recently added quests are challenging and could take you as long as over one hour to complete.

New OSRS Quests

For a taste of hope, you will have the following trophy timers: 47:00 for Bronze, 38:00 for Silver, 32:00 for Gold, 29:00 for Platinum, and for Sins of The Father: 78:00 for Bronze, Silver: 66:00, Gold: 58:00, Platinum: 54:00. You’ll also be able to pick from the following items to complete this very long and challenging quest: 15,000 Coins, 6 Stamina Potions (3 in Bank), 30 Sharks (25 in Bank), 16 Saradomin Brews (12 in Bank), 8 Super Restore Potions (6 in Bank), Superantipoison, Enchant Ruby or Topaz Tablet, Ruby, Ghostspeak Amulet, Ivandis Flail, Drakan’s Medallion, Abyssal Whip, Dragon Defender, Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, Primordial Boots, Neitiznot Faceguard, Fire Cape, Amulet of Fury, Berserker Ring (i), Barrows Gloves, 50 Adamant Darts (in Bank).

Old Quest Changes

When it comes to timers, they have been modified to reflect how fast players can complete them so that it stays challenging, similar to the other quests in the game mode. The old timer for bronze was 52 minutes, and it is now only 48. The silver was 40 and is now 36, the gold was 32 and is now 30, and the Platinum was 28 and is now 27 minutes.


Besides getting these two quests out of the beta and into the actual Quest Speedrunning mode, Jagex is also releasing two new quests for beta testing: Below Ice Mountain and Temple of the Eye. Both are recent additions to the game that will also play a significant role in the future grandmaster quest Jagex has spoken about during the Winter Summit. So it might be no coincidence that Jagex has included these two quests for beta testing for the Quest Speedrunning.

What to Expect

If you have already achieved goals on your main in terms of XP and OSRS GP, or if you simply love questing, Quest Speedrunning could be an extra challenge that will bring you some nice untradeable collection log unlocks. However, if your main goal is to skill up in your OSRS account, you should postpone trying any of the nine quests currently available for speedrunning and the two extra in beta.

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