Murderous Fairy Tale 2 – RPG from NetEase Games based on Disney fairy tales

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NetEase Games is working on the mobile game Murderous Fairy Tale 2. This is a typical MMO where we have to choose characters and level them up. There is one “but” – on the main screen we are greeted by slightly modified characters from Disney cartoons. There are Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and other characters. At the same time, on the next screen of choosing a hero, we meet a typical Asian MMO: five classes, elves and people.

The gameplay is isometric. Together with Snow White, we will destroy the local goblin population. They do not bleed, so Snow White’s one-handed crossbow should not inspire fear. We will also meet with Alice from Through the Looking Glass. NetEase will not miss the famous tea party and a slightly nervous rabbit scene. Well, where is it without Aladdin. For the most part, we are fighting pirates or goblins.

Murderous Fairy Tale 2 will be released on iOS and Android. No release date. Probably, the project will first be released in the Celestial Empire, and then it will appear all over the world. Pre-registration is now available via TapTap

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