Mythos Expansion for A Total War Saga: TROY Gets New Trailer

Total War Saga: TROY will be replenished with the new Mythos expansion very soon, on September 2, 2021. And the developers continue to stir up interest in it with trailers.

A new video featuring Mythos gameplay has been posted at Gamescom 2021. From it, a lot of interesting things became known, for example, in order to tame magical animals, you need to defeat them, harpies, hydras, griffins, and Cerberus have already appeared. The authors also redesigned the appearance of some creatures and made them more beautiful, added unique mechanics, such as administration.

Mythos is more likely not an add-on, but a large-scale set of extensions that will add various mythical monsters and creatures to the game. There will also be an updated campaign map, the ability to tame monsters, decide the fate of Troy, and much more.

Total War: TROY / Official Trailer / A Total War Saga

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