Neowiz is working on a mobile gacha and a new Alliance of Valiant Arms game on Unreal Engine 4

Korean publisher Neowiz is looking for new hires for two upcoming projects. The first is the mysterious Project GB. If you believe MMO Culturethen this is a mobile gacha with RPG elements. The game is in early stages of development. It features 2D animated battles. We chose Unity as the engine. Perhaps it will be a cross-platform project with a PC. No release date.

Another game is more interesting – it is made according to the Alliance of Valiant Arms franchise. Responsible for the graphics Unreal Engine 4. This is a shooter with elements of survival in an open world; players will be able to use modern weapons to fight mobs, giant bosses and real opponents. The developers promise a well-thought-out combat system and the addition of custom content.

Neowiz is still looking for staff to create new content for the classic Alliance of Valiant Arms, which will be released postponed in may… This was due to stability and balance issues that “cannot be ignored.”

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