NetEase has released several new clips of the survival simulator Once Human

NetEase Games has published several videos of the survival simulator Once Human demonstrating the features of the PC version, and also talked about them in detail.

The plot of the game will unfold in a gloomy post-apocalyptic future, when the Earth was overrun by monsters created by the mysterious substance “Stardust”. Some people have also learned to use it to empower themselves, and from this they are called otherworldly. Players are just for such characters.

Among the features of the games, construction, resource extraction and battles with monsters, bosses or other players are announced. Users will be able to choose between PvE or PvP modes. In the first, the world is freely explored, battles against various creatures and bosses are included, and there are also no battles with users. In the second, all this, but also territorial wars with the destruction of the players’ fortresses.

Closed beta testing of Once Human starts in September this year. Pre-registration is already open on the official website.

Game trailer with IGN Summer of Gaming

boss preview

Demonstration of PvP and PvE modes

Various Scenes

Gathering and building

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