New class Aeromancer for the Korean version of Lost Ark shown in action

Smilegate held a presentation of LOA ON SUMMER, during which they shared plans for the future of the Korean version of the MMORPG Lost Ark. First of all, the developers demonstrated the gameplay for the new class Aeromancer, announced at the end of last year.

The Aeromancer is the second female class after the Artist, belonging to the new Creator archetype. In the arsenal of the girl, there are many mass skills that mainly hit with the help of the wind, and she uses an umbrella as a weapon. It will be possible to play for her on Korean servers on July 6th.

At the presentation, it was also said about other innovations in Lost Ark. We note the most important of them:

  • Continuation of the storyline.
  • Estate system improvements.
  • Ability to visit Estates from other servers.
  • Tripod system improvements.
  • Balance changes for all classes.
  • Reworking the MVP system.
  • Training mode improvements.
  • Improvements in selfie mode.
  • Third season of the Ark Pass.
  • New raids.
  • New Level 7 Guardian.
  • New Island Moco Kong Island with side view mini-game.
  • Presets for PvP.
  • Collaboration with The Witcher 3.

As always, all new items will initially appear in the Korean version, and after a while they will be transferred to the Russian version.

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