New from TapTap: Clan N, Mafia Crime War, Necromunda: Gang Skirmish (part 6)

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The mobile games industry does not stand still, and every week new projects are released that will surely find their fans and, of course, haters. That is why I am making a selection of the juiciest or at least tolerable games for tube evenings. You can find the previous part here; this is the sixth issue, so catch up, unsubscribe in the comments, and we went.

Necromunda: Gang Skirmish

Heavy music and mohawk warriors are what you need to know about the Gang Skirmish. Many have been waiting for this game, but only a few will be satisfied. At the very beginning, we are greeted by a gang selection menu with rather square, by the industry’s standards, models. In terms of gameplay, this is a kind of XCOM, which not everyone will use. In addition to isometric turn-based battles, there is something that gamers love so much – misses when struck or shot closely. Heavy metal plays at the level, and at this moment, our and enemy units awkwardly move around the cells. They even try to cover the entire area of ​​their cage with their feet, which makes it sometimes seem as if the character is trying to stand on a split.

The soundtrack from the blows is also not so hot, and there is not even a name from the Warhammer universe here. The characters have no animation, the soundtrack is repeated, and the only plus is the mission selection menu. They say that some are available only when we gain a reputation. This is suggestive of levelling and the overall integrity of the local world. If you want something like that, download Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower better.


If Sam Fisher isn’t going to smartphones, some indie studio has to release a game with the same idea. So, Extraction is the hope for mobile stealth. We will crouch, sneak up on enemies, avoid unnecessary eyes and open doors with keys. The complexity is high: if you notice or hear, then you have to start over. The animation of the hero is a little lame: he runs at speed. The interface resembles nondescript projects for mobile phones, and the graphics screams: “I was made on Unity!“. They give out statistics at the end of the level, how many we killed and how long it took.

By the way, sometimes there are funny moments; for example, the level has just begun, our secretive ninja is squatting when the guard immediately turns to him, and the mission is failed. In general, you need to constantly think and run in the same room with the NPC: they can walk clumsily, but the scent is like a dog’s.

Crime Online – Action Game

Remember the selection of gangster games for smartphones? If not, then check it out urgently. Well, there have been many attempts to copy the idea and success of Grand Theft Auto; Some have done well, while others are ashamed. In general, you can ride a car in Crime Online. And that’s not all: turn signals, emergency lights and even headlights are cut in here. I always dreamed of skating by the rules, but the ballas and Big Smoke were in the way, yelling in your ear: “CJ, you just had to follow this train”? Then you are here. Graphics at the level “loaded Unity presets and added one polygon per object”.

The city is empty here, and there is no NPC, so hope for the players. They lag, run away and run up again. Exploding cars doesn’t do anything for them, and the cops (yes, you can play for them) drive any car and can’t hit point-blank, Karl. Models of cars are monotonous, and there is nothing to do without normal online. And so – a replacement for GTA SAMP and the like.

Archwar: Heroes and Demons

If you are releasing another MOBA on smartphones, ask yourself – why is it better than League of Legends: Wild RIft? Because otherwise, it is better to leave your idea on the table. But then Archwar: Heroes and Demons came out, and it seems that it even pretends to something. But going into training, pink glasses slide off by themselves, and a harsh reality opens up to your eyes: low polygons, one texture for the entire map, a repeating soundtrack, an unremarkable interface, and tiny word Kill on the right side of the screen. Only by it will you know that you have killed the enemy; no speakers, “Triple Kill” exclamations and well-aimed speeches of the hero.

Matches are played in a 3v3 format, where you need to control the crystal in the middle of the map. In the batch, the heroes’ models merge, and it is no longer possible to understand who is beating whom. If you are killed, the phrase “You are downed“, Which sounds like an insult.

Motor Bike Stunt Master

Realistic graphics and physics, engine roar and detailed locations. You will not see all this here. No, if you look closely, the first location has a certain twist: we do stunts on a motorcycle while in Earth orbit. There are balloons and even aeroplanes. And you could close your eyes to the graphics, but arcade physics kills. Because of her, the motorcycle does not do some dizzying stunts, and the motorcyclist seems to glued to my seat… After each backflip, our hero gives out the same emotion, which shows his enthusiasm.

The game definitely resembles the bygone generation of Flash games, which clearly only adds points to it in the “Nostalgia” category. By all the canons of shareware projects, you can be reborn on the spot if you watch an advertisement.

Path of titans

Dinosaurs, like aliens – no one saw them, but everyone is interested. So, in this game, you can play as a real huge reptile. The animation is top-notch; you can even dance with other individuals. Yes, local dinosaurs do not shine with intelligence. But developers are smart about creating separate views. For example: instead of the same type of Tyrannosaurs, you can create small lizards with feathers on their tail. There is no logic of the level of old documentaries from the BBC and glory to Raccoon. There is nothing special to do here: the wow effect passes quickly, and after that, we are left alone with empty nature.

Dinosaurs have indicators of health, food and water, but most importantly, they can wade. Although if endurance runs out, then for some time, our ancient lizard will submerge underwater (health does not go away, do not be afraid). For connoisseurs of dinosaurs will come, and so we are waiting for the release.

SplatGo: Color War

Remember Nintendo’s Splatoon? This is a team action game where you have to paint over a location in different colours. So, now this formula has appeared on smartphones. The view is isometric; the controls and the gameplay itself are arcades. It looks passable and will do for true connoisseurs. At the very beginning, they show the basics and, it turns out, you can still put all kinds of mines. Matches are played in 3 vs 3 formats. The locations are quite large for smartphones but not very expressive. The enemy can be defeated in two ways: shoot him with paint or lead him into “your territory”. Amplifiers are sometimes scattered around the map. The matches are short; at the end, the filled area is calculated; whoever has more won.

It is a pity that there is no musical accompaniment, only monophonic sounds of paint. Gradually, we are pumping our character; this concerns his stats and equipment divided into rarity levels.

Pirate’s destiny

All hands on deck! Grab your blades, ship rats – we’re boarding! Who would have thought that any arcade game about pirates could arouse interest in the sea and the romanticization of a free life under white sails? The essence of Pirate’s Destiny: we build a ship, pump it over and set sail on the open sea. On the way, you will meet sharks, krakens, enemy ships and life-saving beacons (you can get luck from them). Battles are automatic, but you can use specials—abilities with rollback. We are constantly given tasks, for example, to collect a tree. They are generously rewarded for levelling up the level. The resources obtained during the voyages must be spent on your pirate bay, where it takes time to build and upgrade buildings. In this case, the game resembles a typical strategy.

Interestingly, the pirates spend rum; it is a local fuel that needs to be replenished. Fights represent the reflection of waves of enemies. Often these are pirates or some fantasy creatures. The graphics are cartoonish, so relaxing after a busy day is just the thing.

Mafia: Crime War

Mafia games for smartphones are a separate topic. I spoke about it in detail here. What do you think is another shareware game with the word “Mafia” in the title? That’s right: auto-battles with active skills. The gameplay is divided into levels, each of which is another mahach in the same type of location. Characters do not make sounds, so I hope for the same type of soundtrack. Gradually, we collect rare characters, like in Genshin Impact. Most of the girls here have pronounced outlines of the figure, which for many is a plus, but how boring it is. And yes, there is a mansion here, and it needs to be pumped, like the heroes. At the very beginning, we have almost a 4-star group.

Pumping takes place by completing tasks and achievements. There is no open world, which means there is no free movement either. Conclusion: yes, this is not a typical Godfather strategy, but there is no novelty.

Clan N

It turns out that someone else remembers the old beat ’em up games with pixels and co-op mode. Clan N has huge locations with the small hero and enemy models. There are no auto-saves, so you have to live until the end of the level. As always, the focus is on how many points you get. For consecutive hits, a combo counter is accumulated. The character has three lives, and you can choose three bots before starting. Yes, you heard right: instead of real players, we will run in the company of artificial intelligence.

The locations, although they seem to be of the same type, in the background, you can sometimes see a smoking volcano or something else. There are bosses in the middle and at the end of the levels. Many complain about poor management, although the developers regularly release updates with fixes.

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