new weapons, perks, new Clash mode and operators

Activision has released a major update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone with a new fifth season. In this article, we will look at interesting innovations that have been added specifically to the “Battle Royale” Call of Duty: Warzone.

With the fresh update, players can try out a new mode, four weapons, two completely new perks (Combat Scout and Hardened), a new Gulag, and some changes on the Verdansk map. Among other things, Season 5 brings a fresh Battle Pass to Warzone, featuring three Operators and more.

New weapons:

  • The EM2 assault rifle (available at the start of the season) is an automatic assault rifle with a low rate of fire and a long range. EM2 is available in Black Ops Cold War and is free at Battle Pass Level 15.
  • The TEC-9 submachine gun (available at the start of the season) is a semi-automatic weapon with high damage, low recoil and impressive range. You can get TEC-9 in Black Ops Cold War, as well as completely free at level 31 of the Warzone Battle Pass.
  • Melee weapons “Cane” (available from the start of the season) – just melee weapons in the form of a cane. You can get it from the paid set in Warzone along with the Marshal sawn-off shotgun, which will appear during the season, or complete special tests.
  • Sawed-off “Marshal” (will appear during the season) – double-barreled short shotgun, firing cartridges with shells of 12 caliber. At close range, a sawed-off shotgun can kill with one hit.
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In addition, a large number of weapons, as in other seasons, have undergone rebalancing, which can please someone and disappoint someone.

1628851433 309 new weapons perks new Clash mode and operators new weapons, perks, new Clash mode and operators

New perks:

  • “Combat scout” – when firing at the enemy, he is automatically marked, and also highlighted in orange for a short time.
  • “Hardening” – with this perk, one plate restores 75 points of armor instead of 50. Using this passive, the player only needs to insert two plates instead of three to fully restore the armor. “Hardening” occupies the second slot for skills, so putting “Foru” (a perk for carrying a second weapon) together with it will not work.

1628851433 143 new weapons perks new Clash mode and operators new weapons, perks, new Clash mode and operators

New Operators:

  • Kitsune: ATS (available at the start of the season) is a world-class thief and cybersecurity expert who can be obtained with Battle Pass Level 0.
  • Stryker: NATO (will appear during the season). This operative is a product of the Future Warfare program of the 1980s, which was developed for combat testing, synthesizing advanced technology and military experience.
  • Hudson: NATO (will appear during the season) – this character will appear to help in the battle against zombies during the season.
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1628851433 568 new weapons perks new Clash mode and operators new weapons, perks, new Clash mode and operators

New Clash 50×50 mode

Clash is a new mode that brings an almost classic Deathmatch with an endless respawn, where, in order for the battle to be completed, one of the teams must run out of reinforcement points, of which there are 200. In addition to dynamic skirmishes between the two teams, contracts and events from the mode ” Battle Royale “. However, players will appear immediately with their kit, so this mode is perfect for pumping weapons and improving their shooting skills.

Players who do not have a Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare version to play in regular online modes will definitely be delighted with this innovation, because now Deathmatch is available in the free Warzone.

New “Gulag” Rush

Warzone has a new “Gulag” called Rush, which is a modified version of the arena from Black Ops II. Players will have to fight at very close distances, where no one will be able to hide for a long time.

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1628851433 536 new weapons perks new Clash mode and operators new weapons, perks, new Clash mode and operators

Summing up, we can say that the fresh update with the fifth season is indeed one of the most interesting and major for Call of Duty: Warzone. I was very pleased that during the season there will be a new Clash mode, where players can complete various tests and pump their kits without any difficulties.

In addition to all the main introductions of the new season, the patch brings many fixes of various bugs, strengthening and weakening weapons and much more.

Write in the comments if you are happy with the appearance of the new mode, as well as which sets you prefer most often.

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