NieR Replicant Guide: How to Ride Boars

picture 3 14 NieR Replicant Guide: How to Ride Boars

NieR Replicant has mounts – at least one. By obtaining a unique item called Boar Tusk (boar’s tusk), you can tame wild boars and ride them. Of course, you will have to find them first, but once you have a fang, they will become much more common. In addition, tamed boars will no longer attack you. Solid benefit!

Astride a boar, you will move much faster and get a powerful attack. A running strike will allow you to deal with most enemies almost instantly and make it somewhat easier to obtain resources such as lamb. This is the only fast travel option available in the game, and there are relatively safe ways to defeat this powerful enemy even at the very beginning of the game. Let’s figure out how to tame a wild boar – here is a detailed guide to the corresponding side quest.

How to tame wild boars

After completing the Lost Shrine quest, return to the village. Talk to Popolla and exit the library, then go down the main street and talk to the old man next to the entrance. He will give you a quest that requires you to kill a wild boar.

Accept the side quest “Boar Hunt!” and go to the fields. Usually the boar is located just behind the wooden bridge. At this stage of the game, dealing with him will not be so easy – keep a safe distance and use ranged attacks. A boar can kill you with one running hit.

NieR Replicant Guide (2021): How to Ride Boars

How to defeat a wild boar: To make this fight easier, jump on one of the big rocks in the field and shoot the boar from there. He will try to hit the rock with a running start – make sure you get far enough so he can’t hit you. If the boar doesn’t hit you, it will hit a rock and be stunned. This gives you a great chance to hit him with a melee combo.

After defeating the boar, you will receive a boar tusk (Boar Tusk). Take it to the NPC who gave you the quest in the village. With a tusk, wild boars around you become tame – if you approach them, you can mount them! You can speed up or just move around the world faster. This is a great way to quickly move through zones without having to worry about enemies because the boar can just take them down.

Pretty good reward, which is very easy to miss. You might think that this is a simple quest with a monetary reward, but in fact, you will get something much more useful! You can ride wild boars for the rest of the game, so try to complete this quest early!

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