Night in the Woods moved to smartphones, but not all

Publisher Finji has brought Night in the Woods to smartphones. The game is about a student who returns home and finds old friends with a bunch of problems. Something’s going on in Possum Springs. Are you ready to solve the mystery?

Night in the Woods is a beautiful platformer with many colorful characters. Although they walk on two legs and speak in an understandable language, they are still anthropomorphic animals. In the story, student May Borovski has been expelled from college and returns home to Possum Springs. It seems that this is not a metropolis, but something is wrong: leaves are falling, a cold wind is blowing, and something terrible is happening in the dark.

The developers describe Night in the Woods as an adventure with an emphasis on exploration, plot, and characters. You can do a lot of things: toil the dope, play the bass guitar, walk on wires and jump on roofs. Now Night in the Woods is only available on iOS smartphones, there is no information about the version for Android. The same goes for Russian localization.

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