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Nothing will replace smartphones even in the 6G era

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Vivo also predicts a rise in the popularity of smart glasses and robots

Vivo recently hosted a 6G mobile networking conference. Qin Fei, dean of the Vivo Communication Research Institute, said the company has already begun researching 6G.

The company is currently exploring several scenarios and key technologies. According to Qin Fei, mobile phones, augmented and virtual reality glasses and robots will become essential products for building digital life in the 6G era.

As for robots, Qin Fei predicts that after 2030, multi-functional robots will replace existing core robots. Significant progress is expected in various industries using robots.

Nothing will replace smartphones even in the 6G era

Augmented and virtual reality glasses will become lighter and more comfortable. They will also have more connectivity to the brain-computer interface. As for smartphones, he believes that in the 6G era, smartphones will not be replaced by fundamentally new devices.

The main reason is that the user-friendly touchscreen is very difficult to replace. Communication still requires a communication module, processing requires a computing unit, and so on. Everyone needs an intelligent information terminal as an entrance to the digital world.

Talking about the difference between 5G and 6G, Qin Fei pointed out that 4G and 5G are digital. However, 6G will leverage them and combine smart development to deliver integrated services such as communications, computing and storage.

Source: ITHome

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