Nvidia does not want GeForce Now cloud service to repeat the fate of Google Stadia

Cloud gaming, like virtual reality, remains the property of the “minority”. Most gamers choose smartphones, PCs or consoles (but not the new generation, because it is not on store shelves). On the cloud side, Microsoft and Phil Spencer are trying hard to push Microsoft xCloud; they even bought out Bethesda and stuffed Fallout with DOOM into xCloud. But if this is a service of a healthy person, then the cloud gaming of a smoker is Google Stadia. One of the largest IT companies managed to shoot, but only in the leg. Major publishers turned their backs on the service, Google closed its internal studio.

Now let’s turn our attention to GeForce Now – another dark horse in the cloud gaming market. Through it, you can play on almost any device, you just need to synchronize the service with Steam. That is, you can only play purchased games. For free, you can get large queues at rush hour, a game session of one hour and turned off RTX.

The folks at Nvidia understand that the cloud won’t replace normal PCs and consoles; rather, it is just an “addition”. Moreover, such services make it possible to make about one billion PC-chips “top-end”. It is easier for Nvidia to maintain servers for GeForce Now because the company makes its own graphics cards for them. In doing so, they hope that a situation like Google Stadia will not happen.

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