Palia Preview – “What Are The Blizzard and Riot Games People Preparing?”

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Recently, studio Singularity 6, which includes former developers Blizzard, Riot Games and Zynga, announced a game called Palia, which is positioned as the coziest MMO for years to come. The community of players was really interested in this project and immediately “bombarded” the developers with a lot of questions. The answers were not long in coming and, moreover, Singularity 6 representatives revealed many details and plans. In this preview, we’ve put together all the most important known information about Palia for you.


The game will be a sandbox MMO with a large open world, its own history and great possibilities, and the lore will be narrated not only through NPCs, but also from books found by players. At the moment, the only thing known about the plot is that in Palia people belong to a legendary race that disappeared thousands of years ago at the peak of its greatness, but the reason for this remains a mystery. Players awaken in a quaint village on the southern coast of Palia, where they try to build a future for humanity. The developers promise an exciting story that will take many years to learn.


When entering the game, the user does not have to choose one of the many servers before creating his character. There is no exact information yet whether the worlds will be divided into regions and, in general, what capacity of players will be realized. However, the developers made it clear that no private servers are foreseen, and the players will be in a shared world.

To be honest, it is difficult to imagine how exactly it is planned to maintain a common online without dividing into different servers, despite the fact that the project only after its announcement managed to “make noise” and gather a lot of “waiters” around itself.

Character Creation

The character creation process will begin not with the usual gender selection, but with the selection of body types. The developers said that they avoid any mentions of male and female as much as possible, and at the start there will be two types of anthropometry – masculine and feminine. The hairstyles are the same for everyone, and the faces are unique for each of the above.

There is no choice of race in the game, since everyone plays for people, however, the ability to change skin tone is present. Answering questions, representatives of the studio promised that the customization during the creation of the hero will be multifaceted, but you should not expect this during pre-alpha testing.

“We want people to be able to play as the hero they want. We create a variety of body shapes, clothing options, hairstyles, and so on. All this can be combined and matched. ” – said the developers.

Players will be able to come up with a unique name and surname for their character, and as they unlock various achievements, they will receive titles, which in turn are displayed next to the nickname. It was also noticed that this idea was not thought out thoroughly, so everything could change at any time.

Regarding the creation of twinks, this function will not be available on the test, but it is planned to be introduced in the future.

Open world

Palia will have a large open world and from the answers we can conclude that it is interesting for research. Nevertheless, already in alpha we are promised fast travels so that players do not have to go through the conditional 2 hours from point “A” to point “B”. By the way, the movements will become like portals.

The developers also commented on the issue of ships, oceans, islands and, in general, about marine content. At the moment, we have to prioritize and perfect those mechanics that already exist in development, but in the future we are promised to add sea adventures.

With regards to the time of day, the developers have several ideas. Currently 1 hour of real time = 12 hours in the game. However, this may change for 1 hour IRL = 24 hours in play.

The weather conditions are planned for introduction to the game, but so far there is no information how exactly this works and whether the seasons will be implemented in the world of Palia. They didn’t say anything about biomes either.


Already during the pre-alpha, we are promised a huge variety of different equipment and cosmetic items. From the tools, the classic assortment will be available, as in many sandboxes – picks for mining stone and ore, axes for obtaining wood, as well as items that are less often found in games – a fishing rod and even a butterfly net.

The tools are of different quality, but having received a higher grade tool, we do not have to change to a weak one for the extraction of simple materials. The developers have emphasized this point more than once, but this mechanic can be traced in many games of the sandbox genre.

Also, representatives of the studio noted the simplified management of tools for the extraction of resources. From the description, we can assume that the following is meant: the player approaches the tree with a pickaxe and it automatically changes to an ax. How exactly this will be implemented in practice, we will see directly in the game.

Combat system, hunting, fishing and crafting

At the moment, a lot of work is going on specifically on hunting, fishing and resource extraction. With regards to the combat system, there is still no information at all, or they do not want to tell us anything concrete in order to surprise us with something interesting later.

Fishing promises to be exciting and challenging. The developers create a mix between arcade fishing and the one offered by fishing simulation games. It sounds great, because often in this kind of projects, fishing is a routine craft, where the player needs to press one or two buttons.

In the future, it is planned to introduce the ability to fight between players. These will be competitive activities and, most likely, in separate designated areas. Open PvP is not provided and it is not a fact that it will be implemented in the future.

With regards to cooking, crafting machines, sawmills and ovens – all this will be and we are promised to do something unique.

“No details yet! Just know! We want pre-alpha to have an element of surprise. There is a kind of magic of discovering something new, so we keep the information locked, ”the studio representatives commented.

In the long term, animal husbandry and more will be added so that each player can create their own farm and develop their estates.

Collaborative gameplay, home ownership and roleplay

Already in pre-alpha testing, players will be able to gather in groups of up to 4 people to jointly explore the world, perform various activities, as well as engage in farming and home improvement, which we will talk about a little later.

By the way, about interaction. The developers have promised that the game will have trade and economics, and right now all of these mechanics are in the early stages of development.

Role elements

In Palia, each user will be able to play their role with different titles, sets of emotions and game style, and the relationship with the NPC will take a very important role. During the dialogue, you will have many options, depending on which links with the “inscriptions” are built. We are promised a deep study of the history and life of each of them, so that they are not just “dead dolls”. Moreover, with some you will be able to establish friendships or even romantic relationships.

Home ownership

Home ownership will also be here. To be honest, it is already impossible to imagine that the developers will miss some mechanics from their eyes, but do not forget – so far these are just words, and we will see the rest at least in the pre-alpha version.

So, the home ownership function will be added to the game. Users will be able to go through the quest to get their own plot, which will be arranged as they want. Yards, vegetable gardens, a house, furniture and even pets are all under development.

How exactly will the plots be sold? You won’t be able to find someone’s home just by running past this area. The mechanics are likely to be similar to home ownership in The Elder Scrolls Online, when there is real estate or a plot with the possibility of purchasing, but at the same time, hundreds of other players live in the house, just being in another layer of the world. That is why the game will have the opportunity to invite friends to your cozy house, or to a huge estate.

Pre-alpha version

To begin with, the exact date of the start of the pre-alpha test is still unknown, and the developer’s answer to this question was simply – “Soon!” Nevertheless, the test can last from one to several months.

In alpha, only the English version of the text and voice acting will be available, but as development progresses, other languages ​​will be introduced into the game. Nothing was said about the Russian language, however, like about others.

Pre-alpha testing will be held under a strict NDA, which means that broadcasts, gameplay videos, and screenshots will be prohibited. This is not surprising, since not many people understand the meaning of such tests and form an opinion based on a raw build.

There is no information yet on how many users will be admitted to alpha. However, the developers hope that those who are tested will report all bugs and all sorts of errors encountered during the gameplay.

In order to get to the pre-alpha test, you just need to apply on the official website of the Palia game and wait for an invitation in the mail. But, as you already understood, testers will be selected in a random order.

The game will go even on the “bucket”

The developers said that playability testing is mainly carried out on weak PC systems, however, the exact system requirements for Palia, unfortunately, were not announced. Which specifications are weak for studio representatives? It’s hard to even imagine. Hopefully, the optimization is better than some of the other genres that we won’t be pointing the finger at.

Right now, the game is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4, although the option of switching to a more recent UE5 is not excluded.

“A couple of interesting facts: we have several ex-Epic employees on our development team and that certainly helps a lot. We are also interested in UE5 and are looking at it, but we have no plans yet. ” – added representatives of the studio.

Multiplatform and cross-progression

It was impossible to miss an interesting answer that the game is planned to be released on most platforms after launch on PC, and mobile is a priority. With regard to cross-progression, the developers said that there are many legal issues and difficulties that will have to be resolved with representatives of other platforms such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.


Summing up, I would like to note that “on paper” we get a very tempting and curious project, however, to some extent, the developers’ plans may seem unrealistic, since a lot has been said, and the number of possible mechanics is simply off scale.

Be that as it may, if Palia comes even a little closer to the one presented in our review, then it can already claim a place in the expected and desired projects in the coming years.

Let us know in the comments if you have any expectations related to this game, as well as if you liked the ideas of the developers presented in our preview.

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