Paragon Pioneers to be ported to iOS in June, now available on Android

Paragon Pioneers is getting ready for release on the App Store. This is a premium project with the ability to play offline.

Paragon Pioneers is a city-building arcade game where players create and develop a medieval settlement. As in Tropico, you have to monitor the mood of the townspeople and make them happy. Since this is a purely mobile game, the developers promise idle elements, that is, you can earn resources and benefit your society without being distracted from business.

Paragon Pioneers will be released on iOS on June 23rd, this information is confirmed foreign sources, it is also listed in the App Store. A version for Android is now available, it costs 209 rubles. This game is made in a vertical format with cartoonish graphics. The main task is to establish production chains, but do not wait for conveyors and machine tools – the industrial revolution is still far away. By the way, on Google Play demo available for the doubters.

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In Paragon Pioneers, you will be able to produce over 70 types of goods, as well as uncover new parts of the island to build on. Only if you believe the trailer, you will first have to destroy the local orcs, who act as barbarians from Civilization.

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