Parse mobile MMORPG Slash & Roll, cool theme

Parse mobile MMORPG Slash Roll cool theme Parse mobile MMORPG Slash & Roll, cool theme

Slash & Roll offers 20 vs 20 battles. Let’s see if it’s worth downloading because of this.

Slash & Roll is a mobile MMORPG that has been available on iOS and Android since last November, although foreign sources say it just got out. In this game, battles are turn-based and your success depends on rolling three dice. Of course, in training, the chances of success are increased, but what will happen next? Lack of energy for F2P gamers, according to the comments on Google Play.

Of the advantages of Slash & Roll, I note good Russian localization and eye-pleasing graphics. The gameplay is vertical and simple, so you can upgrade your hero in between, but there are no auto-battles. After completing the tasks, we get a new weapon, but for some reason we can’t see its characteristics.

Of the online elements, I will note guilds and friends, which is not so dense. Guildmates can send each other gifts to help with development. The developers promise fights in the 20 vs 20 format, but it is not clear how many trainings and other missions need to be completed before them. Well, if you think that you have pumped the hero properly, you can enter the PvP arena and even participate in guild wars.

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