Path of Exile: Ultimatum League Details Revealed

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Grinding Gear Games recently hosted a stream that showed the fresh gameplay of Path of Exile 2 and showcased the Ultimatum League, which will appear in the first part of Path of Exile on April 16 on PC and April 21 on consoles. A fresh update will awaken the excitement in players and allow everyone to risk.

The first thing in PoE is the Chaos Challenge Master, who will grant Challenges. After passing any of them, a special reward is issued, however, the NPC may offer to continue and go to the next level of the challenge, thereby increasing the cost of the reward. Thus, it is allowed to increase the difficulty by two, three, four times, and so on. However, if the player dies, he will lose everything.

Ultimatum Challenges also work in multiplayer mode. Users can participate as a group, but the rewards will be different for each. Players will also be able to vote on the difficulty modifier, with the game rolling the dice in the event of a tie-break.

In addition, the supplement includes the usual quality of life improvements. For example, the rules for the drop of some items will change, the amount of loot from bosses in the final act will increase. Some items related to the league will appear in the general item pool immediately.

Finally, Ultimatum will add 8 new skill and support gems, dozens of gear items, Vaal skill upgrades, rework of past league reward systems, and more. You can get an idea of ​​some of the changes in the videos below.

▲ Demonstration of Ultimatum content

▲ Full stream recording

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