Perfect World Games Announces Project: Prism – Open World Mech RPG

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Perfect World Games continues to announce new mobile projects targeting the Chinese market. We’ve already covered CODE NAME: X, which is the mobile sequel to Persona 5. Now it’s time for Project: Prism. What is known about her? The project is made in the setting of “science fiction”. We are promised great graphics thanks to a render that Perfect World independently developed. Players will experience the transition from day to night, colorful shadows, and realistic grass with trees. Characters will move smoothly through the local open world. Hopefully the strikes are recorded correctly.

From the trailer, you can understand that the game takes place in a cyberpunk Asian city like Tokyo. Girls in exoskeletons are waiting for us, as well as huge mechs. In general, everything is according to Feng Shui.

Project: Prism will be released on iOS and Android. There is no release date, most likely the project will initially be released in China. It will be a shareware project with in-app purchases. Now you can pre-register through TapTap

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