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Playing Gamedec: isometric action RPG for cyberpunk lovers

We got access to the demo version of Gamedec and decided to share with you a recording of the gameplay of this detective game from Anshar Studios… The plot briefly tells the story of a detective of the future, who in the demo version is investigating the death of a guy. However, in the demo version there is no lead to the beginning of the case, so it is not possible to get involved properly and get used to the character.

The whole gameplay is reduced to conversations and surveying the area to collect information to create deductive hypotheses. Apparently, we also collect information about the world, which will help us in dialogues and study various technologies and knowledge, which will also help us in obtaining this very information.

It sounds kind of intriguing and interesting, but in fact you have to click through all the dialogues in order not to miss some detail and the value from the work of game writers is reduced to nothing – reading arrays of dialogues is corny boring. Since there are no mini-games and no change of activities in the game, to be honest, it is not very clear how the developers plan to engage and retain the player’s attention.

In general, the project is not yet particularly catchy, but it may be due to the lack of context or some features of the demo version.

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