Power armor in Fallout 4

open world The commonwealth through which the main character will travel in Fallout 4 is a cruel and hostile place where raiders, mutants and monsters are waiting for you at every turn, ready to attack without warning. There are several ways to protect yourself from this harsh world (“the best defense is an attack”, so we separately tell you about weapons in Fallout 4), but the ideal option is to use powerful power armor over ordinary clothes or armor. And if we draw analogies with previous games in the series, where such things could only be used in the endgame, in Fallout 4 armor is available literally from the very beginning.

Exploring the wasteland, you will find parts of the armor in different states – from rusty and worn parts in need of overhaul, to completely intact pieces, ready for use. Below we will talk about the basics of using armor, as well as where to find 6 different sets (in fact, there are even more).

About power armor in Fallout 4

The basis of power armor is the frame to which you attach the rest of the parts. To get the main suit, protection of the arms, legs, head and torso should be added to the frame. To use the armor for 2 hours (without any boosts), a nuclear block is placed in it. You can still use the suit without a block, but you will be slower than a snail if you do so.

The benefits of using power armor are many. Firstly, you will receive less damage, secondly, protect yourself from injury when falling from a great height, and thirdly, reduce exposure to radiation. Add to this an increased carrying capacity (and this is in a world stuffed with rubbish literally on every square millimeter).

There will be a desire to wear power armor throughout the game, but there are limitations here: nuclear blocks will be discharged even faster when consuming action points (using VATS). And there are few such blocks. Therefore, this item should be used when you go on a difficult quest or know that you have to take on a difficult fight. And in addition to the suit, you should have at least 1 nuclear unit in reserve.

Power armor left by you can be used by any character, provided that there is a nuclear block inside. Therefore, either pull it out or leave it if, for example, the armor is in a settlement. Then its inhabitants will be able to use the suit to fight off raiders or mutants.

The first power armor can be obtained on the road from the Sanctuary to Concord. Visit the Museum of Freedom and take the quest “Freedom’s Call”. For its implementation, you will just be given such a protective suit.

Power Armor Repair

When you get power armor, then go to the settlement, where there is a special station for power armor (or you can build it). For example, you can visit the Sanctuary or the Red Rocket truck stop. The suit must be equipped. Approach the counter and press the indicated key/button to get out of the armor. It will automatically be placed on the rack and prepared for repair and modification. Approach the yellow station and take a look at it to see a tooltip with keys to start repairs or crafting.

First you need to repair individual parts. Scroll down through the parts list. On the left you will see the status of each. If the part is damaged, then the repair function will be available below. To implement it, you will need various materials (in most cases, steel, which can be obtained by recycling various items).


To get the opportunity to create better modifications, you will have to spend several skill points on such abilities as Blacksmith, Gunsmith and Science! You can change the basic parameters of the parts by switching between different models.

When choosing a material for modification, you automatically receive certain attributes: especially when the entire suit is stuffed with similar items. Improvements for mods are usually associated with a specific part of the suit. For example, you can increase your running speed by modifying the leg protection.

It uses materials that are also used for the banal creation of armor, so just collect various junk and store it in the workshop. And by collecting Hot Rod magazines, you can change the color of the armor.

Location of the best power armor

Before proceeding to describe the locations of the best power armor (6 models will be considered), we bring to your attention a screenshot that shows several dozen parts:

Screenshot explanation:

  • red dot – outside;
  • yellow – underground;
  • green – at the merchant;
  • purple frame – possible location of the complete set of T51;
  • blue border – you can find a complete set of X-01 armor.

Raider Power Armor

Raider power armor is made from scrap metal and other recyclable items. Provides powerful protection at low levels, ideal for beginners. The easiest to assemble, since this armor is usually used by the leaders of the raiders.

After you kill one of the “carriers” of the armor, you can get all the protective components that can be used with the frame. Despite the low defense, in the early game, the armor is really useful. You will be able to modify it, thereby extending the period of time during which it is still useful. Raider power armor is also a great option for recycling.


  • Physical Damage Resistance: 500.
  • Energy Damage Resistance: 250.
  • Radiation Resistance: 1050.
  • Durability: 1050.

Power Armor T-45

If you paint the T-45 in the colors of the Minutemen, you can increase your charisma. Power armor was designed for military (not commercial) use. Again, to obtain it, it is enough to find the enemy who uses it. This is the set you will receive if you agree to complete the Call for Freedom quest in Concord. The costume will be given out by a potential partner Preston Garvey, who will ask you to deal with the raiders.

At the top of the Liberty Museum is a wrecked “Vertibird” with power armor hidden in it. Rowdy, the merchant from the Atomic Cat Garage, will be able to sell you parts of this armor from time to time. Try to get this set as soon as possible. It will be most useful in the early stages.


  • Physical Damage Resistance: 500.
  • Energy Damage Resistance: 310.
  • Radiation Resistance: 1050.
  • Durability: 450.

Power Armor T-60

The T-60 Power Armor is the standard armor of the Brotherhood of Steel. Based on this information, you can easily get it. It provides some of the best armor protection you can find. A huge selection of 14 colors is available, so that when customizing, your hands are literally untied. Several parts can be bought, for example, from Rowdy in the atomic cat garage.

It’s even easier to get armor – follow the storyline of the Brotherhood of Steel or kill their representatives. According to history, the T-60 was created to replace the obsolete T-51.

Specifications for standard model:

  • Physical Damage Resistance: 980.
  • Energy Damage Resistance: 645.
  • Radiation Resistance: 1050.
  • Durability: 990.

T-49 Power Armor (or Storyteller Armor)

We decided to include this option in the selection, but you should understand that in this case we are talking about installing a modification. However, the suit can be obtained from the very beginning of the game, northwest of Vault 111. The Storyteller Power Armor looks great, has several varieties with increased protection compared to the original, so you can use them depending on the circumstances.

Power Armor T-51

Compared to other hazmat suits, the T-51’s power armor has virtually no rust. Unfortunately, there is no single right way to get armor. Using different colors, you can increase agility, strength, perception, charisma, or even resistance to energy damage. Most of the parts you can get in the ruins of Quincy.

  • Specifications for standard model:
  • Physical Damage Resistance: 740.
  • Energy Damage Resistance: 460.
  • Radiation Resistance: 1050.
  • Durability: 720.

Power Armor X-01

Of all the varieties of power armor, even with the additions, it is the X-01 that is considered to be the best. You can find it in several places. Most of the costumes you find in the wasteland are incomplete. And what you find depends largely on the current level of the protagonist. However, there is one place where you can be sure to find the complete X-01 set. But you have to make an effort.

Level up to at least level 28, because in this case the chance of obtaining all parts will be significantly increased. Better yet, wait until level 30 to make sure you survive future encounters.

To get started, head to the Customs Tower in the eastern part of the wasteland, not far from Faneuil Hall. But in fact, you do not need to go inside the tower. Instead, follow the road. Leaving to the southwest, until you find yourself near the building with a sign 35 Court. Tall green building to the left of the entrance to the tower.

Go inside and deal with the robot in the lobby. Call the elevator, go up to the roof, where you will find X-01 power armor. Get ready to fight the Assaultron and the Defense Bots that will come out of the two side rooms. There is a red button inside each side room. After destroying the bots, be sure to press both buttons to unlock the door in the central room. There is a power suit hidden inside.

As mentioned earlier, there are several other places where the X-01 Power Armor is hidden. However, there you will find only some parts, not a complete suit. One of these places is an abandoned hut northwest of the Glowing Sea in the western part of the map.

Another place with armor is the National Guard training ground, inside the armory. Look for the red metal armory door and get ready to fight off the ghouls. There is a secure door inside, which will require the Master Lockpicking Rank to unlock. You can take Nick Valentine with you to hack the terminal. There will be a suit right outside the door.

Remember that the chance to find X-01 power armor directly depends on the current level of the main character. And the number of discovered parts is generated completely randomly. Try to do this at least level 30. Set aside a copy of the save file so you can reload and find a costume with even more parts.

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