Preview of Biomutant: an incredibly beautiful game about a cute but harsh post-apocalypse

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Finally, we can tell you about the game Biomutant – not at all cute adventures of cute animals in the world of harsh post-apocalypse. The plot is pretty simple: people dirtied the earth and flew away. Some animals have mutated and turned into intelligent creatures that are trying to survive on the remnants of human civilization. The basis of life is the tree of life, around which all the tribes once united. But a certain meat-eater destroyed their leader, the tribes quarreled and began to fight with each other. And the meat-eaters and the world-eaters are trying to destroy living beings and the tree of life. The player will have to decide what idea to support in this world, to unite the tribes and give battle to the monsters.

The player will have to create his own cute animal, but an interesting feature of this mechanic is that the appearance of the animal affects all characteristics. However, characteristics can become very important only at maximum difficulty. Even at the average level, they have little effect on the outcome of the battle, which makes it easy to play whoever you want. It is much more important to choose the right mutations and equipment, find many components to create high-quality equipment modifications and explore the world in search of the best items. However, there are a lot of modifiers and items in the game, so it won’t be difficult.

The combat system offers many different options for weapons and skills that are tied to objects, so in theory you can feel like a kind of fluffy Dante from DmC5. Most battles, however, do not require much sophistication. The reputation system in Biomutant is secondary and by choosing the path, the path of evil and good to this path, the player can choose separately. Of the minuses, one can note the roughness of the translation, which is striking even if you play only in Russian.

In general, the game is addictive with its cute shell, collecting and exploring a new world based on the familiar – human, so the game can help to while away a couple of dozen hours of exploration lovers with pleasure.

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