PUBG: New State Collaborates with Dead by Daylight

PUBG: New State is a next-level battle royale for iOS and Android. This is exactly what Krafton is promoting, as it was made internally by the company, and not with the help of Tencent Mobile, as was the case with PUBG Mobile. This is to say that the new PUBG collaboration with Dead by Daylight will only be distributed to the PC version and New State.

PUBG: New State themed event will run from October 20th to November 23rd. Among the prizes will be costumes identical to the characters and monsters from Dead by Daylight. Of course, the coolest of them can be knocked out of loot boxes. We also expect at least a scary mode or some DbD elements to be added to the main matches of PUBG: New State, as the PC version gets them. This information came from foreign sources.

More information on the upcoming collab can be found at official website and YouTube channel PUBG: New State. As for the other updates of this battle royale, the developers will try to make changes to shooting with different types of weapons, which will diversify the gameplay; in the meantime, most kills are done with SR and M416.

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