Racing Master: Codemasters and NetEase Games to conduct another test at the end of 2021

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During NetEase Connect 2021, we learned new information about NetEase Games. One of them is Racing Master. The game has excellent graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 4. The races are dynamic and intense. The developers promise real and licensed sports cars, which is often lacking on mobile phones. We will see Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Koenigsegg and Aston Martin. The locations are varied: at one moment you are driving through the metropolis, the next – through the sakura gardens. Cars can and should be improved; this applies to tires, wheels, hoods, spoilers and other parts.

Of course, for such a beast, it is better to buy a normal smartphone, because on the iPhone 8 during closed beta testing, the game can sink in FPS. It doesn’t always happen, but it still hurts.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Racing Master will be released on iOS and Android. It will be a shareware project with microtransactions. Codemasters promises to conduct another beta test at the end of 2021. Most likely for both mobile platforms. While you’re waiting for Racing Master, check out our list of the most anticipated games for 2021.

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