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Rage 2 Vehicles: Unlock, Summon, Repair and Upgrade

Vehicles play an extremely important role in the world of Rage 2. Thanks to them, you can quickly move through the desert and get to the right ones, and they also help in the fight against enemies.

The authors have proposed a very wide range of vehicles that we can use. Almost every machine that we encounter while exploring the game world is suitable for work.

On this page you will learn:

  • How to unlock new cars.
  • How to call vehicles.
  • How to repair cars.
  • How to improve Phoenix.

image1 82 Rage 2 Vehicles: Unlock, Summon, Repair and Upgrade

How to get new cars? Most often, you need to find a car and get into it. However, sometimes it is necessary to comply with additional conditions (1), for example, to increase the level of trust in one of the allies or complete a mission, after which we will gain access to the location with this machine.

If this transport is already in our database, and we want to use it, then it can be called. All you need to do is go to the “Vehicles” tab and then, while in an open area, use the Call option (2). After paying $10, the car will land right in front of the hero.

It happens that as a result of an accident or fire, the car breaks down. If you want to protect your car from damage, you can use the repair option. To do this, find a safe place, get off the car and approach it from the front.

By approaching the hood, you will be able to use the repair (3). Use it and after a while the car will be repaired. It should be remembered that not all machines can be repaired.

Another thing to know is the ability to upgrade the base Phoenix vehicle. To use it, go to the “Vehicles” tab, select the list on the left in the “Fenix” list, and then select the “Enhancements” option (4).

Once selected, a new menu will open with available upgrades (5). After choosing one of them, check its price (6), and if you have the funds, make a purchase (7).


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