Rage 2 – weapons: pistols, shotguns, rifles, rocket launchers, grenades

In Rage 2, nanotrite or the special skills of the main character play an important role, BUT it cannot be hidden that the main way to destroy enemies is with the help of firearms.

The authors have prepared a set of several powerful tools that allow you to destroy opponents in various ways. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of each weapon and correctly using it during the battle.

More information about weapons can be found in the game menu under the Weapons tab (A). Here you will find not only descriptions (B), but also statistics (C) and in the case of undiscovered weapons, places (D) where you can find them (usually in arks).

Remember that weapons can also be developed by adding upgrades (E) to them, which must be paid for (F).

Below is a list of weapons that can be used during the game.

sidewinder pistol

The main weapon is available from the very beginning of the adventure. Without aiming, you need to make three shots to kill the enemy, and when aiming – one. A good combination of accuracy and firepower, especially against less demanding opponents.

Ranger Assault Rifle

Versatile weapon for firing continuous or single fire. It works great both in direct combat and when destroying enemies at a medium distance.

combat shotgun

An excellent weapon for combat at close range and indoors. It has very high firepower, which is able to kill the enemy with one shot. It should be borne in mind that the shorter the distance, the more effective the weapon becomes.

Smart Rocket Launcher

A weapon that works well against enemy vehicles and heavily armored infantry. It deals very high damage.

Grubs “Spotykushka”

A very interesting weapon that allows you to kill opponents with special arrows that lift them off the ground. It is best to shoot near the walls of buildings.

Firestorm Revolver

A weapon that deals massive damage at close range. It works great in direct fights, in buildings, and during encounters with heavily armored opponents.


The weapon works very well against heavily armored targets. You can take single shots or hold down the fire button and fire a powerful beam that can pierce through multiple enemies.

Charged Energy Cannon

A weapon that uses energy with great force. Thanks to this, you can literally melt your opponents. The weapon works great in duels with heavily armored opponents and vehicles.


A special three-armed gadget resembling a boomerang. However, this is not a toy, but a deadly weapon capable of dismembering hit enemies.


Additional equipment, without which it is difficult to imagine the battlefield. Grenades are great for taking out enemies in shelters and enclosed spaces. Explosions do a lot of damage to nearby enemies, so it’s best to throw them at groups of opponents.


Useful, additional weapon that supports the hero on the battlefield. A mechanical robot moves to the battlefield and delivers a lethal barrage from on-board weapons.


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