Ragnarok Labyrinth pre-load has begun with NFT and crypto earnings

Ragnarok Labyrinth is preparing to launch in Southeast Asia. Android is currently being pre-loaded, and iOS gamers can pre-register.

Ragnarok Labyrinth is an arcade project with vertical gameplay, the main goal of which is to earn NFTs. In fact, these are tokens for daily tasks, PvP and achievements. They are exchanged for a crypt, which can be withdrawn in real. Often, developers are not able to keep the price of such a currency, let alone increase it. It’s all about the bots and the fairly easy resource farming that Asian MMORPGs suffer from (hello, MIR4).

Ragnarok Labyrinth test servers will launch April 13th at 2:00 Moscow time. Probably, the project will be available for iOS and Android. Since it has idle elements, do not expect cool gameplay, maximum real-time PvP and boss fights; well, there will still be races through the labyrinths, as the name implies. And to become better, you can join a guild or bargain with other players through the auction.

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