Razer Kishi mobile gamepad review

You can treat mobile games in different ways: someone sometimes plays all sorts of arcades, someone drives their character in an MMORPG all day using auto-combat, and someone believes that such projects have no right to exist. Each position has its own rationale, but the fact remains that mobile games are incredibly popular.

Unfortunately, not all games are easy to play with the touchscreen, especially when it comes to first-person shooters. In order to solve this problem, the developers add support for a third-party gamepad. You can easily take a controller from your Xbox or PC and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. However, some manufacturers produce specially adapted gamepads. One of these is Razer, which has created a device that turns your mobile device into a Nintendo Switch. We are talking about the Razer Kishi, which we will talk about in this review.

Razer Kishi mobile gamepad review Razer Kishi mobile gamepad review


The Razer Kishi comes in a fairly modest little box that contains the gamepad itself, instructions, and a company logo sticker. The appearance differs depending on the operating system for which the device is intended: the Android version is black, and the iOS version is white. We, as you can see from the image below, used the Android version. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of special gaskets inside the upper part of the box, which will provide protection for your device during transportation.

1627373665 744 Razer Kishi mobile gamepad review Razer Kishi mobile gamepad review

Appearance and ergonomics

When folded, the Razer Kishi looks like a small and compact superellipse that can be stretched to fit your mobile device if desired. Both parts are connected to each other by rubber mounts and a rigid plastic plate. This allows you to better fix the phone, although not perfect – the controller still dangles a little.

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It doesn’t take long to get ready for the game. The gadget is easy to unfold and just as easy to connect using Type-C (or via Lightning, if we are talking about the iPhone). The LED lamp located on the right side will notify about the work. Since the connection is direct, rather than via Bluetooth, this allows for minimal latency, which is very important in fast-paced games.

A nice little thing is the presence of special holes in the right side through which the sound passes, so that it is not muffled. An unpleasant little thing – there is no such thing on the left side, so if you have a phone with stereo speakers, you will only hear mono. But the manufacturer took care of the gamers who play while charging the device. All thanks to support for pass-through charging, which allows you to connect the cable directly to the controller. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about wired headphones – you will either have to connect wireless ones or play like that.

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The Razer Kishi has all the basic buttons on a standard gamepad – nothing more, nothing less. Clickable analog sticks are not symmetrically positioned, as on all Microsoft consoles. ABXY buttons, painted in the usual colors, also migrated from them. The spider is taken from the Xbox One and has a one-piece shape without pads for diagonal clicks.

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The controls can be briefly described as follows: you need to get used to. The analog sticks are not bad, but the D-pad is a little loose. The triggers and bumpers are too close to each other and you might get confused at first. The triggers themselves are quite tight and with a rough move. Of course, the quality of the gamepad does not match the options from Sony and Microsoft, but it surpasses many existing solutions on the market.

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Game support

First of all, you need to understand that the Razer Kishi is the most common controller, the form factor of which was simply redesigned for more convenient connection to a mobile device. This means that developers do not need to specifically adapt their projects to the device. If the game has gamepad support, then it should work with the Razer Kishi as well. If not, you can always use “crutches” that emulate touches on the touch screen.

Razer has also released a proprietary app for this device. With it, you can reconfigure hotkeys to your liking and use different profiles. There is also an opportunity to check if the game supports third-party gamepads or not. A useful thing that will definitely come in handy for Kishi owners.

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Support for games is practically key. If you buy a device for 1-2 games, then it is better to know in advance whether they will work with it. In esports projects, this can be a problem, but with RPG – as luck would have it. For example, Genshin Impact is currently only supported on the iOS version, but with Black Desert Mobile there are no such restrictions. Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire are not supported, and neither is League of Legends: Wild Rift.


The Razer Kishi is a premium device, so it’s quite expensive. The full cost on the official website is 9,490 rubles, although a discount can be found for 7,990 rubles. Of course, if you are looking for something cheap, then Aliexpress with a bunch of Chinese analogues is at your service. However, for those who are willing to spend money on something better and more expensive to play on a regular basis, this model can be a great option.

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To summarize, the Razer Kishi really does the job, making the controls a lot easier in many mobile games. The price bites a little, so the device is not suitable for every gamer. However, if you play with your phone on a regular basis, then the Razer Kishi, or other similar device, definitely won’t hurt.

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