We continue to explore games from the Google Play Pass, and today we have Rebel Cops by Weappy Studio on our cutting table. This is a tactical adventure in which a team of honest cops fight for a just cause in a world of corruption and lawlessness.

The developers decided to implement turn-based gameplay, in which they implemented the usual mechanics in their own way. 6 fighters can participate in the battle, each of which must be equipped with weapons and ammunition. The latter is very important since it affects the squad’s economy because the cartridges will need to be purchased on the market, which means that the player will need to monitor the squad’s financial condition and fulfil additional contracts.

Between missions, it will be necessary to purchase at a local store. However, the detailed characteristics of the items are not indicated, which somewhat complicates the choice. After the purchase, it is necessary to decide on the choice of characters. In Rebel Cops, this is especially important. The usual tactical mechanics are not available to every fighter. For example, overwatch is a perk, like an aimed shot, which means that completely different characters must be selected for combat clashes and silent operations.

By the way, the hostilities’ nature is also unusual, because we play as police officers, and instead of rude destruction of opponents, we can make natural arrests. They are more expensive in terms of the squad’s time and safety, but our squad is more like the police, which has a good effect on their reputation. In turn, reputation affects the support of the population and the financial condition of the detachment.

In general, Rebel Cops looks like a rather elaborate tactic with an interesting plot and can really influence the decision to buy a subscription, because the game’s cost is higher than the monthly price of the Play Pass.

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