Reworld: Asia has an alternative to Roblox

The publisher Reworld has released the game of the same name for smartphones, but only in a number of countries. If you love Roblox it is worth checking out.

The wave of Roblox popularity has swept the whole world, so it is not surprising that other developers decided to jump into the thread: the game Reworld appeared on mobile phones. In terms of gameplay, this is a sandbox with characters as if from the LEGO universe. Players can participate in Squid Games, set up a fish conveyor, and so on.

What else does Reworld allow? The developers state that you can participate in team gunfights, build your own resort on the island, or sell hamburgers. Of course, the project supports multiplayer with the ability to communicate, change skins, and so on. In this case, the choice of the platform is unimportant.

Reworld is currently available in Southeast Asia. The game encourages the creation of its own modes and maps, the developers even state that you do not need to be able to program for this. In this case, you can create both maps for the cooperative and for single races. The only question that remains is whether the creators make money from their creations, as in the same Roblox?

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