Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Guide and Progression

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The main campaign of Barbarian Invasion tells about a difficult and gloomy period in the history of Late Antiquity. Rome collapses and is under attack from all sides, Christianity spreads everywhere, barbarian kings increase their power and the first feudal lords appear, ruthlessly enslaving the peasants. Here’s how to briefly describe the periods of the IV and V centuries from our era. It is in this dark and cruel era that we will plunge into our heads.

There are many interesting factions available for the game. The Visigoths, Franks, Huns, Sarmatians, Saxons, Alemanns, the Sassanid Empire (Parthia), the Vandals, the Western Roman Empire and Byzantium are represented in all their glory. We’re going to talk about them. There are other nationalities on the map, but they can only be activated through a special text file. The campaign features scripted events, such as King Arthur’s attack on London, the appearance of the Slavs and Ostrogoths, and the revolts of the Roman Usurpers. There are three official religions – Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Paganism. The immediate level of order in cities depends on them.

risee2 Guide and playthrough of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion campaign

Before you start reading the whole guide, note that the slightest delay can lead to fatal consequences and the complete destruction of the faction. It is recommended to play the game exclusively at the difficulty levels: medium, heavy and very heavy. Otherwise, you simply will not feel the whole era.

Stage 1: Start

ruk2 Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign Guide and Progression

The first stage is one of the most important in the campaign. After all, the further passage depends on it. The slightest mistake, and all is lost. Therefore, it is necessary to act strictly point by point and carefully plan the strategy. Game factions are divided into two types – sedentary and hordes. However, hordes can also become sedentary if they capture any city and entrench themselves there. For sedentary fractions, it is recommended not to nap from the start and resort to active actions.

Barbarian peoples like the Alemans and the Saxons cannot turn into a horde after the loss of the last city. Simply put, after the loss of all settlements, these factions are destroyed. From the start, the Alemanns and Saxons have only one city each. If the Saxons are lucky that there are no enemies around, then the Alemans are in a hellish cauldron. They are threatened by the mighty Roman Empire. However, even without the Romans, there are plenty of worries. The economy is terrible from the start, and immediately the outflow of resources begins. Therefore, for the Saxons it is recommended to capture and plunder the surrounding settlements in Northern Germany (the settlements of the Frisians and Hutts) as quickly as possible. For Aleman, it is necessary at the very beginning to send an army to Vindelikorum. The Romans immediately attack the main fortress. In this case, you need to deploy the troops back and destroy the attacking squad. Then go back to Vindelikorum and take it by storm. After Vindelicorum, you can go to the capture of Milan or the nearby Treverorum. Both of these cities will give a good increase in the economy.

1.89 Management and progression of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion campaign

For the Sassanids, the situation is better. There is plenty of money in the treasury, and the army is strong. But the Byzantines are not asleep and immediately attack Hatra in Assyria. It is necessary to protect Hatra at all costs, as its trade routes will help the economy. Then you need to create three squads from the starting troops (fortunately there are a lot of them). One detachment was sent to capture Arabia, the second to help Hathra, and the third to plunder Colchis. Having conquered Arabia and Colchis, it is necessary to begin the imposition of Zoroastrianism in all regions. Taxes can be reduced to a low level.

For the Eastern Roman Empire, the process will be more complicated. In Philadelphia, you need to immediately destroy a pagan temple and build a basilica. It is better to spread Christianity in several cities of Asia at once. It is better not to allow revolts in the cities, as they can lead to the emergence of factions of the Usurpers. The economy of Byzantium is excellent, and at first it will be possible to develop slowly. From Tarsus it is necessary to withdraw part of the troops and send to capture Assyria. All cities are mercilessly cut down. But for the Western Empire to keep order will not work. It is urgent to move the capital to Milan, wait for the appearance of the Usurpers and start a bloody war with them. If you survive the battle against the tyrants, you can win back your cities and even improve the economy. In parallel, it is necessary to declare war on the Picts and quickly capture Dal Raida. Do not bypass the Aleman threat. The city of these barbarians will bring great economic growth.

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A2AuZPcGads Guide and Progression of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign

For horde factions like the Goths, Vandals, Huns and Sarmatians, it is necessary to immediately advance into the territory of Byzantium. All these factions must leave their lands. This can be done by clicking the “Become a Horde” button. Start a large-scale robbery of all Byzantine settlements, including cities of other factions. Those who play as the Huns are advised to turn their troops towards Persia and strike at it, looting all the cities. Looted cities can be quickly occupied and the economy can be instantly adjusted. For the Franks, it is recommended to act in the style of the Alemanns, that is, immediately attack the surrounding settlements. First, send troops to capture Treverorum, and then quickly loot Agrippina’s Colony. This will allow you to gain an economic advantage.

Stage 2: Economic Development

ruk1 Guide and playthrough of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion campaign

If you did everything right in the first stage, then proceed to the second. Improving the economy is another of the main keys to success. The right economy and a good treasury will give you the opportunity to gather worthy forces to further create an empire. After all, holding captured territories is much more difficult than conquering them.

As mentioned earlier, for the factions-hordes (Sarmatians, Huns, Vandals and Goths) it is necessary to arrange mass robberies. Until the treasury is replenished with reliable resources, you should not stop in your raids. It is recommended to bring the treasury to 50,000 coins. You will have to rob a lot, so we advise you to be patient. Enemy forces can try to attack the horde, and here it is necessary to act decisively.

Playing as hordes, it is best to fight in real time. Forget about the auto battles in Barbarian Invasion, they are unlikely to help here. In battles, it is necessary to eliminate the enemy commanders as soon as possible, then the entire enemy army will simply run away. Settling on the plundered possessions of the enemy, you can begin to create a new kingdom, already in a leisurely way. Cities such as Constantinople, Athens, Sirmium, Ephesus and Kydonia are recommended for capture. Maritime trade will perfectly help to get rich. Do not forget about diplomacy and conclude trade treaties with other countries.

hE5KFPZDeDo Guide and Progression of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign

For the Western Roman Empire, it is necessary to continue the offensive on enemy territories, replenishing the government treasury. At the same time, we still need to think about rebellions. There will be many, many uprisings! Usurpers will try to seize power every now and then. It is recommended to establish total control over Britain and the entire territory of Germany to ensure the financial flow. Rebellious cities will need to be carved out. Of course, these are clearly not the methods of the Democrats, but here is still the fifth century.

For Byzantium, it is necessary to follow the example of the Western Romans, and also to move forward. The usurpers will still raise rebellions, especially in Palestine. Let them do it, and then send an army from Syria there and ravage the cities by replenishing the imperial wallet. In parallel, do not forget about Constantinople. Enemy hordes can come at any time, so build more fortifications and place more troops in Greece. When the hordes do come, it is better to give them a fight right in the city squares and try to quickly cut down the commanders. It is better to move the capital from Constantinople to Antioch.

For settled barbarian factions like the Alemanns and the Saxons, it is recommended to continue the invasion of Europe. Beyond Aleman, it is best to conquer the surrounding towns, including the Frankish settlement. Do not forget about the construction of markets and roads. This significantly increases the profitability of the state. For the Saxons, we advise you to embark on sea raids on the lands of Britain. First it is better to take London, and then Dal Raida. It is better not to touch Eborak, since when it is captured, a huge army of King Arthur with a large number of knights appears. Defeating it will be very difficult. For the Franks, it is necessary to follow the Alemanian example, continue the invasion of Europe and capture city after city. Hordes will not reach these lands soon, and until this happens, you can safely create a fortified kingdom.

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uzq3LpTxLPw Guide and Walkthrough Of Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign

For the Sassanid Empire, it is necessary to continue the invasion of Syria and Asia Minor. It is recommended to create three offensive forces. Send one to capture Antioch, and after subduing the city, make it the capital. The second army is sent to capture Caesarea and Sinope. The third legion is better sent to Palestine. With fire and sword, burn down cities without ceremony with anyone. This will significantly replenish the treasury. But zoroastrianism should not be imposed either in Syria or in Palestine. The locals will not forgive you for this and will immediately raise an uprising.

If anyone manages to capture coastal towns, it is recommended to build at least some kind of flotilla to eliminate the pirate problem. Pirates often attack ports, causing economic imbalances. Therefore, it is better to immediately deal with this threat and destroy their flotillas.

Stage 3: Dealing with Insurgents

QynOjGKaYL4 Guide and Progression of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign

So, two stages have already been passed, and we move on to the third, most painful stage in the passage of the campaign. If you did everything right, then at the moment you have a good kingdom (or empire) with vast territories, a developed economy and reliable troops. Enemies are still around, but they are not particularly eager to deal with you, because they know what awaits them in the near future. If sieges do occur, they are successfully repulsed. Do not forget about holding cities and preventing their loss. Keep more power in the city center near the government center itself. This maneuver works perfectly against the huge hordes of the enemy. Try to find the enemy commander and put an end to his miserable existence on this Earth.

If you are doing everything right, it means that you no longer have problems with the economy or with the build-up of military power. It would seem that everything is fine and it’s time to declare yourself a king-god, but the locals, whom you have successfully enslaved, will not serve you for a long time. Even in the first part of the Rome Total War, when capturing foreign lands, there were problems with the order in the cities. In Barbarian Invasion, everything is much scarier.

Both national and religious uprisings await you. Against religious riots, the imposition of one’s own religion helps well, and against national ones – special buildings, like the Square of Executions, the Academy and the Elite Barracks. In addition, do not forget about the improvement of settlements. A special panel often appears on the screen, talking about the growth of the population in a particular city. Improvement is due to the construction of Administrative Buildings. Cities are expanding, and new slots for the construction of buildings appear. Order among the population is improving. But when the city’s population reaches 20,000, talk of riots begins.

AL X8DbwRv8 Guide and Progression of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign

The mood among the locals can be viewed by a special picture with the image of a face, located next to the name of the city. Green and yellow faces speak of relative order and well-being. The blue face declares the existence of underground organizations in this city that are preparing a rebellion. The red face speaks clearly of the impending riot. Riots are cured by reducing taxes to a minimum, as well as the placement of large garrisons. But then another problem arises – the fall of the economy.

Riots in Barbarian Invasion are extremely painful. Initially, the first stage of unrest passes – street riots. Then comes the second stage – barricades, battles with the guards and the destruction of buildings. The third stage causes the Civil Revolution. The city comes under the control of the Independent Kingdoms or another faction. A people’s militia is emerging. The loss of the city leads to economic regression and destabilization of the situation throughout the kingdom.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep a good army in cities with a high level of discontent. Be sure to build forges and weapons to improve the damage of soldiers. Elite and pumped fighters are able to immediately take control of the situation. It is recommended to hire more cavalry, since without it barbarian Invasion it is impossible to play at all. Cavalry will perfectly help in the fight against huge hordes of rebels. In the battles with the rebels, do not hesitate. It is necessary to immediately find the enemy commander and destroy him. After his death, the rebels, as a rule, run in different directions. After the victory over the Insurgents, it is necessary to take the rebellious city by storm and completely massacre the population. Only this can help to avoid further uprisings. True, sometimes you can just loot the city. But in the future, the threat of rebellion may arise again.

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Stage 4: The Road to Victory

ruk4 Guide and playthrough of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion campaign

It’s time to move on to the fourth stage of the passage. If everything went well, then at this stage you should have at least 20 territories at hand. Trade routes have been established, the situation at sea is stable, problems with enemies and rebels have been successfully eliminated. Perhaps you also have reliable allies in the face of other states.

If everything is really fine with you, and the state is on the way to prosperity, then you can think about conquests and about repeating the exploits of the great heroes of antiquity. You can afford to capture Rome and Constantinople. You can assemble a good fleet and invade Egypt. You can safely capture all the Mediterranean islands. That’s just not worth going north to the lands of the Slavs and Alans. The cities that are there are too poor. It is better to turn your eyes to the west, to the east and to the south. You can forget about the northern lands, there is nothing remarkable there.

bag1 Guide and progression of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion campaign

Playing as the Sassanids, it is better to move forward with the complete capture of all of Asia, the Middle East and Egypt. After establishing control over these lands, it would be best to invade Greece and begin the conquest of the islands. The capture of Constantinople will bring an excellent income to the treasury. At the same time, you can repeat the exploits of Shah Khosrov, who at one time almost put an end to the existence of Byzantium. For Eastern Rome, you can conquer all of Persia, and then begin the conquest of western neighbors and barbarian kingdoms. For the Western Romans, you can arrange a large-scale conquest of the lands of the East. The level of profitability will increase significantly with the establishment of control over the islands.

For barbarian kingdoms and settled factions-hordes, you can safely conquer Italy, Spain and north Africa. Control over the entire Mediterranean trade will increase the flow of resources. It is recommended to destroy the entire Western Roman Empire at the root. Roman cities are developed and rich. They will provide a reliable number of soldiers and good revenues to the treasury. It is desirable to have at hand the territory of the Balkans, where there is also something to gain. Do not forget about the direct development of cities. Build elite barracks, shooting ranges and stables, develop buildings to the very last level. Strong troops will perfectly help you in further conquest of the campaign map.

Stage 5: The Sovereign of Everything

ruk6 Guide and Playthrough of the Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign

After fulfilling the official conditions of victory, you can think about conquering the entire map. This will not be easy, given the religious riots, the emergence of hordes, national uprisings, and scripted invasions. Do not forget about the event of the invasion of the Slavs, which takes place in the V century. They come from the regions of present-day Novgorod and try to settle in the German lands. Along the way, they ravage all the surrounding settlements. It is very difficult to fight them because of the abundance of mounted riflemen.

But if you have a sufficient level of patience, you can try to play to the end. The key conditions for victory are the seizure of control over all the territories of the map. This can take many days, or even weeks. On the highest difficulties, you will do this at least in a month. But if you still want to feel like the greatest of the greatest rulers, feel free to go to your goal.

Special Recommendations

It is highly recommended to play unofficial mods. For Barbarian Invasion, many different add-ons have been created that adorn the game in every sense. Some projects add more historicity to the campaign, others radically change the appearance of warriors, others introduce new events and historical battles. Do not bypass all sorts of unofficial patches for Barbarian Invasion, made by a community of players who are not indifferent to the events of the V century. Especially pay attention to projects like DarthMod Rome, BI Enhancement, Unofficial Bugfixer and domestic unofficial patches (1.8, 1.88 and 1.89), which make this game even more beautiful and interesting.

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